QVSource is now part of Qlik Connectors

We are excited to announce that Qlik Web connectors will be launched in early July - the release of the QVSource portfolio within the Qlik Connectors product suite. After Industrial CodeBox was acquired by Qlik in April of 2016, we have spent the last couple of months getting our product ready to be delivered and sold as a standalone Qlik product for both QlikView and Qlik Sense.

This release is focused on the rebranding of the product, and moving to Qlik’s infrastructure, including licensing, documentation and support – with limited updates to the functionality from the QVSource Web Edition 1.0.3. release on April 27. The pricing structure will be simplified as a part of this release. The available connectors will continue to be divided into Standard and Premium connectors. But Standard connectors will be made available for free, and the Premium connectors on a flat per connector annual subscription. Note that beta connectors will no longer be shipped with the product. We will be announcing a revisited program for beta connectors shortly.

In addition, it’s important to note that as of as of July 5th 2016 Qlik support will officially take over support for existing QVSource Customers and Partners. Here is what you need to know:

  • All support inquiries should be managed using the Qlik Support Portal, starting on July 5th 2016
  • Support at QVSource should no longer be used, instead use the support portal.
  • QVSource will eventually be retired and there will be no further development to this product; with this, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to Qlik Web Connectors, which will replace QVSource.
  • If you have an open support ticket with Industrial CodeBox, it will not be transferred to Qlik Support, but it will be managed by ICB until it’s closed

We are now turning our attention to work closely with the rest of Qlik’s product management team to jointly develop an updated roadmap. There are many exciting possibilities we will be considering including a tighter integration with the core Qlik Sense product and related capabilities as well as deploying our connector capabilities into the Cloud.

Stay connected via Qlik’s blog moving forward!

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