QVSource (WinForms) 1.6.7 Now Available

(This blog post originally appeared on the QVSource blog here.)

We are delighted to announce the availability of a new version of QVSource - The QlikView and Qlik Sense API Connector!


Please note, as per our previous blog post, QVSource Web Edition is now available and this is the recommended version now if you are new to QVSource. We are releasing this update to the WinForms edition to help existing commercial users who are not yet ready to transition to the new Web Edition. However, it is likely this will be the last major release of the WinForms edition of QVSource.

The WinForms edition is now officially deprecated and will no longer be supported after the 22nd May 2016.

As always, in addition to reading the following for the highlighted updates and changes to QVSource we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes as there may have been other minor bug fixes and improvements made which are not listed below.

General Updates

  • The QVSource Windows Service (QVSourceService.exe) is now set to compile to any CPU (previously it was forced to 32 bit only). This was causing it to run out of memory for a couple of users (whereas the desktop version behaved differently). This is now resolved and it should run as 64 bit on 64 bit architectures.

Updated Connectors

  • Text Analytics Connector
    • BREAKING CHANGE: In order to make the Text Analytics Connector compatible with the new Web Edition of QVSource, we have had to make a breaking change carefully detailed here. This means making a slight adjustment to any load scripts which use this connector.
    • We have also made a fix to the Repustate connector to keep up to date with their API.
    • POSSIBLE BREAKING CHANGE: We have remove the embedded Alchemy API Key from this connector, you must sign up for you own Alchemy API key and enter it into the connector if you are using this (rather than one of the other sentiment API options the connector offers).
  • General Web Connector: Added a cookie container which maintains any cookies set for the lifetime of the running application (e.g. resends them with new requests) and a new Cookies table which allows these to be extracted. This further opens up the number of APIs which this connector can work with.
  • Twitter Connector: For UserTimeline table:
  • Google Drive Connector: Added two new inputs to GetSpreadsheet table to rename column headers (Column1, Column2 etc.) and to skip first X rows.
  • Google AdWords Connector: Upgraded to v201509 of API (https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/reference/#v201509) for any items which may affect your report queries.
  • Google DFP Connector: Upgraded to v201505 of the API. Please read the release notes carefully https://developers.google.com/doubleclick-publishers/docs/rel_notes#v201505.
  • FTP Connector: FTPGetRawFile/SFTPGetRawFile tables now stream contents of file as binary (rather than first converting to text first).
  • Google BigQuery Connector: This is now out of beta. If you are a commercial user of QVSource who has been using this as a beta please contact us for pricing and licensing.
  • Google DFA Connector Back!: We marked this as deprecated, mistakenly thinking that the API it uses was due to be sunset by Google in September 2015. On realising our mistake we have removed the deprecated flag and hope to bring it out of beta in the future.
  • Facebook Fan Pages Connector:
    • For certain types of errors returned from the Facebook API, the connector will now wait a few seconds and retry the request a second time. This will also be logged.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed the GroupMembers table (unfortunately we no longer have permission to make this API request (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/graph-api/reference/v2.4/group/members) as it requires the user_groups permission (https://developers.facebook.com/docs/facebook-login/permissions/v2.2) which is only 'granted to apps building a Facebook-branded client on platforms where Facebook is not already available'.)
  • MailBox Connector:
    • Added a new checkbox input parameter 'Allow Self Signed Client Certificate'. You might wish to check this if you are receiving an 'The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure' error or other certificate related error as long as you are sure you are connecting with the correct server.
  • MongoDB Connector:
    • Upgraded to MongoDB Driver 1.11.0. This should now support version 3.0 of MongoDB as well as have various other fixes compared to the previous version which the connector used.
    • Please note that as a new official BI Connector is now available for MongoDB 3.2 and later you may wish to first consider this. Because of this we are also now considering retiring this connector if it does not offer any advantages over this.
  • Box Connector:
    • ListFilesAndFolders table now requests results in batches of 1000 instead of 100.
    • Added recurse depth input parameter to ListFilesAndFolders.

New Connectors

Removed Connectors

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website. As noted above though, we would strongly recommend you use the new Web Edition download (which contains the above updates also).

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