QVSource Web Edition Now Commercially Available!

We are absolutely delighted to announce that the Web Edition of QVSource is now commercially available! Coincidentally this is also happening almost 4 years to the day since the original WinForms edition of QVSource was commercially released which has gone on to win awards and gather nearly 100 Five Star reviews on Qlik Market!

There is also one major new feature in this release as compared to the recent beta announced and detailed here - a brand new user management UI!

Although we slipped our planned release date by a few weeks, the product is actually now more polished than we had ever envisioned for a first version and we are really pleased with the result. We have also received some great feedback from early users and even have a few customers who are getting great value from it.

Having said that we do appreciate that it is still relatively new and we look forward to your feedback and fixing any issues which may arise over the next few months.

There is one important change which all current users of QVSource should note: The current (as of today previous!) 'WinForms' edition of QVSource is now officially deprecated and the next release of this will state this in the title bar. Our current plan is to end support of the WinForms edition of QVSource in six months - so on the 22nd May 2016, after which there will be no new builds or releases of QVSource WinForms edition.

This shouldn't be of concern, the new Web Edition is an almost seamless swap in replacement for the WinForms edition and operates in a very similar manner, there are just a few new things to learn if you wish to deploy it on a central server in your organisation. We would recommend reading the new doc pages here to get an overview of the new version and detailed information on the differences.

One final thing to users who have been working with the previous beta(s) of the web edition, we have made a slight modification to the paths used to store user settings, log, cache files etc. so you will need to re-authenticate with any connectors you have been using.

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