QVSource Web Edition Beta Update 0.9.8

We are pleased to announce that a new beta of the new Web Edition of QVSource is now available - this will likely be the final beta before commercial availability in a few weeks.

We have some customers already working with the beta and have received some really great feedback, so if you have not tried it already, please do! Once the Web edition is launched, the current WinForms edition of QVSource will be deprecated and eventually removed.

NOTE - If you are a customer or trial user of QVSource you will find the download available on the same page where you accessed the current WinForms edition of QVSource.

In this blog post we will outline the main updates in this version.

Copy Script Button

We are pleased to finally have a button to copy the generated load script or request URL to your clipboard - a big shout-out to the clipboard.js library, which we are using to provide the functionality. This should work from desktop OS's but might not work from all tablet devices.

Download Data As File

A new Download button is now available under the data grid preview which allows you to download your data as a QVX (or CSV, TSV, XML or HTML) file - this might be useful if you would like to send the data to a colleague to load into their QlikView or Qlik Sense application or have a simple backup. Note that when you click the download it does re-run the query to the API in the background so you might get slightly different or more up to date data.

Larger Multiline Input

Some connectors have an input parameter where the user needs to enter an XML, JSON or other arbitrary text string - for example the POST parameter on the General Web Connector:


This was always a little too small for any serious editing, so now, clicking the new button at the top right opens up a much larger popup window:

OAuth Username

Many of the APIs that QVSource connects to use OAuth and in the past we have only shown the token in the UI after authentication. Often users may have a number of different accounts they use for a service and it was difficult to remember which account the connector had been authenticated for.

We are now starting to show this in the UI as highlighted below. This is currently available for all of the Google Connectors, Twitter and the Facebook Connectors and we plan to add this to all connectors where possible:

Text Analytics Connector

The Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector is finally available in the Web Edition - we have had to making a breaking change to the way this works which is explained here (but briefly, the Sentiment API is now selected via the Table Category dropdown as shown below). Note that for consistency we have also had to make this change in the WinForms edition but we will mention this in the notes for that release soon. The main thing to note is that you will have to make a minor change to your load script if you are moving from the current WinForms edition to this new Web Edition.

New Connectors

We have new connectors to Amazon S3 and Exact Online! These will also be in the next release of the WinForms edition.

Coming Soon

The last major feature we are working on before release is a user manager/editor so you will no longer need to edit an XML file - we are really pleased with how it both looks and works but unfortunately it just missed making it into this release - something to look forward to for the first commercial release! Here is a sneak preview:

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