QVSource 1.6.3 Now Available

We have just released version 1.6.3 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector!

This is quite a substantial release under the covers, as we prepare to make the first beta download of the new web edition of QVSource available we have now upgraded all of the (non deprecated) connectors to use the new UI style. This has allowed us to remove a lot of legacy code and unify all the connectors under one system.

If you are interested in being notified of the new beta download for the web edition of QVSource please go to your usual download link where you will find a new tab for the web edition.

As always, in addition to reading the following for the highlighted updates and changes to QVSource we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • We have a brand new Survey Monkey Connector.

Updated Connectors

  • Twitter Connector:
    • Fixed bug where search query for Twitter search table(s) was not being URL encoded. This bug appears to have been introduced 09/03/15. Note that this was also fixed in the recent intermediate release made available on 10th June.
    • Added a 'manual' authentication option which helped a user who was running a very old version of IE and could not authenticate using the default option in QVSource. The manual auth option is now available for all OAuth1 and OAuth2 based connectors.
  • Google Adwords Connector:
    • Our AdWords Developer application has been approved and this connector can now be used by everyone.
    • Upgraded to v201506 of API, please read Reporting section of migration guide for any items which may affect your report queries.
  • Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Connector:
    • Polish is now available as an option with the Repustate API.
    • Fixed bug in Alchemy API Sentiment table which gave an error if <mixed> element was not present in the response.
  • Facebook Insights Connector:
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Removed page_storytellers table/metric. This metric is deprecated after the deprecate_PTAT migration.
    • Fixed bug where data from requests for different object IDs was getting mixed up.
    • Insights tables (excluding application insights) now have empty tables shown (i.e. with column headers) even if no data returned for selected date range.
    • Fixed bug where real-time tables (e.g. those with * at the end of their name) were no longer working. Note that this was also fixed in the recent intermediate release made available on 10th June.
  • JIRA Connector:
    • Added AllProjects table and optional projectIdOrKey for AllIssues table.
    • Added option to first download all data then write table to minimise issues with missing columns.
  • OData Connector:
    • Updated code to set HTTP Basic authentication which did not appear to work in some scenarios.
  • YouTube Data Connector:
    • Added duration_timespan and duration_total_seconds columns to VideoStatistics table.
    • Updated 'Include Content Details' quota info, conditionally include extra columns.
    • Added url encoded comment and comment response text.
    • Added a ChannelStatistics table.
  • YouTube Analytics Connector:
    • BREAKING CHANGE - The MyId table has been removed as it relied on the now deprecated YouTube API V2.
    • We have updated the number of API calls which can be made per second through the connector.
  • Azure Data Marketplace Connector - This has been updated to the new UI style.
  • OneDrive Connector:
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Updated to use new API. This is a breaking change as available tables and columns have changed.

Removed Connectors

V1 of the OData Connector and Salesforce Connectors have been removed. These both have new and improved V2 versions which you should use instead.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email. You can also use this link to register your interest in the new beta download for the web edition of QVSource and being notified when it's available.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

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