QVSource Survey 2015 - The Results Are In!

With the arrival of the web-based version of QVSource just around the corner, what better way to start 2015 than to invite feedback from our customers and partners?

We asked our growing base customers and partners to give us their thoughts and experiences on working with us as a company and using QVSource. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey; we got a lot of feedback and some really useful suggestions that we have taken on board and will be working into our planning for 2015 and future product roadmap.

Some of the headlines that we took from our survey is that 100% of partners and customer would recommend QVSource, with a ROI in excess of 200%!

Here is a snapshot of the data gathered.

Qlik Sense

We already have customers that are using QVSource with Qlik Sense, and we were pleased to see that 63% of customers are already evaluating Qlik Sense, and 92% of partners are pitching it to customers. This is really exciting for us as the new web-based version of QVSource gives a consistent user-experience with Qlik Sense.

Who uses QVSource?

We wanted to find out which departments use QVSource the most. From the feedback we received, it would seem that our customers mostly use QVSource in the business analytics team (73%) and the marketing team (55%). Partners believe that customers’ marketing teams are the highest users of QVSource (80%), with business analytics teams in second place (48%). Customers and partners both agreed that more than 20% of sales teams, IT teams, and product teams use QVSource.

As we thought, QVSource is clearly driving a new, wider audience of Qlik users within organisations such as with marketing teams and also strengthening its position within business analytics teams.

How quick is it to get QVSource up and running?

We asked how long it took to get QVSource connectors into production and successfully feeding data into QlikView or Qlik Sense applications. 91% of customer responders are up and running with QVSource in less than a week and 64% in less than a day. 92% of partner responders have their customers up and running in less than a week, with 68% in less than a day.

As with working with any data sources, one of the challenges is being able to satisfy the more complicated report requirements, but its great to see that such a large proportion of our customers get up and running so quickly. Further, given the complexity of APIs, these figures show that QVSource allows application developers to focus on the data models and dashboard designs, which are their strengths, and avoid burning time trying to understand the technicalities of APIs and keeping up with changes. To back this up, we’ve a great case study from Future Publishing, a publishing house that uses a number of QVSource connectors and quickly created enterprise-wide QVSource-based dashboards for their 150+ internal and external brands.

Delivering value

As our customers and partners have suggested in our various case studies, we strongly believe that our technology saves companies time and money, as our connectors’ simplicity, automation and repeatability features make business processes so much quicker. But did our customers and partners in the survey agree? We were pleased to see that 81% of customer responders receive value from QVSource connectors within the first week; 45% within the first day. 80% of partner responders say their customers receive value from QVSource within 1 week; 32% in the same day.

72% of customer responders and 80% of partner responders save at least one working day per week by using QVSource connectors. 40% of partners save 2 days or more.

We encouraged our customers and partners to put a dollar value on these savings, and using this information we calculated the ROI, which was in excess of 200%, with some responders saving in excess of $50,000, which we’re really pleased to see.

These results show that there’s a real ROI in both time and cost savings for our customers.

In terms of non-tangible benefits, customers believe the most important value that QVSource brings are that it presents web-based data in a central dashboard, removing the need to extract data from multiple platforms, and that it saves time. The most important values for partners are that it adds a new dimension to their customers’ business intelligence, and also that it saves time.

Loyalty to Qlik and QVSource

We were absolutely delighted to learn that 100% of all customer and partners responders would recommend QVSource to another company.

60% of partner responders believe that QVSource helps keeps customers loyal to Qlik.

QVSource Support

100% of customer responders rate QVSource Support as 7/10 or higher; 82% as 9/10 or higher. 95% of partner responders rate QVSource Support as 7/10 or higher; 70% as 9/10 or higher.

We make a lot of effort to ensure that we provide a great level of support, so it’s nice to see these stats, which reflect the 75+ comments over at QlikMarket. Of course, even though these figures are great, there’s still room for improvement.

91% of customer responders and 80% of partner responders rate getting started with QVSource as 7/10 or above. In designing the new version of QVSource, we’re working hard to improve the usability and accessibility of QVSource.

General comments

We won’t tell you that one customer admitted that he is “secretly in love” with us - that would be embarrassing. However here are some lovely comments that we received as part of the exercise:

“Easy to use interface and API connectors that should quickly bring ROI to customers. “It's all been really positive...“ “Your support is awesome and your product is second to none”


We found this exercise enlightening, as there is no better way to keep your company on track than to receive and respond to candid feedback from your user base.

We appreciate the loyalty we get from our customers and partners, and we are pleased that on the whole QVSource is considered to add value to day-to-day business and make processes better.

We recognise there is a huge amount to achieve in 2015, as we bring the new browser-based version of QVSource to market, so we will continue to poll our user base, to ensure that we meet their high expectations in terms of product quality and efficacy.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part.

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