QVSource 1.5.7 Now Available

We have just released version 1.5.7 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector. This blog posts outlines the main changes.

As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • Adobe Analytics - We have a new connector to Adobe Analytics - this will replace and supercede the Omniture connector which is now deprecated and will be removed in a few months. You will need to regenerate your load scripts using this new connector. This is quite a complex connector and the docs are not well developed yet so please contact us if you are having any issues using it.
  • YouTube Data (V3) - This replaces V2 of the connector which utilises V2 of the YouTube Data API which is being retired in a few months. This new version of the connector utilises V3 of the YouTube Data API. Unfortunately the new API is quite different from the previous version so we have been unable to avoid breaking changes and we would recommend you regenerate your load scripts in QVSource and adjust your QlikView/Qlik Sense application load scripts accordingly. IMPORTANT: The YouTube Data API V2 will stop working on 20th April 2015 and therefore so will our YouTube Data Connector V2 so please upgrade to this new version as soon as possible.
  • Instagram - We have a brand new connector to Instagram!
  • Box - We have a brand new connector to Box! This complements the connectors already available for Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP/SFTP sites.
  • bitly - We have a brand new V2 connector to bitly which replaces V1.

Connector Updates/Fixes

  • Google DFP - We have upgraded this to use v201411 of the API from v201405 (see change log here). We have also added new PQL and PQLAsXml tables to run PQL queries.
  • Google Drive - We have added some retry logic to the UpdateGoogleSpreadsheet table as very occasionally this fails the first time.
  • MongoDB - Now supports including array indexes in sub key document path, for example you should be able to enter '/subkey1/subkey2[3]/subkey3'
  • Twitter - Fixed a bug in the paging of the FollowerIDs and FriendIDs tables.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector - Russian has been added as a new supported language for the Repustate API.
  • Google BigQuery - We have fixed a couple of timeout bugs with this connector and also an issue which meant it only returned a maximum of 100,000 rows.
  • General JSON/XML/SOAP Web Connector - This now allows the timeout to be set as well as a retry to be configured if the first request fails.
  • MailBox Connector -This no longer marks emails as 'READ' when it accesses them.

Removed Connectors

The following connectors have been removed from QVSource as they have been replaced or superceded by newer versions:

  • MailChimp V1 (please use the new version).
  • YouTube V1 (please use the new V3 version discussed above. V2 will still be available until April 2015 but please do not use it for any new applications).
  • Facebook Fan Pages & Groups V1 (please use the new version).
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector V1 (please use the new version).
  • Facebook Personal - This has been removed due to limited business use and also because of changes to Facebook's API which means it could no longer support the desired functionality.

Deprecated Connectors

The following connectors have been deprecated and are planned for removal from the product, either due to lack of interest or because they have been superceded by new and improved versions.

File Build Up Bug (Not QVSource Related)

A couple of users have mentioned a very large build up of temporary internet files on their machines (..\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5) during QlikView reloads - the directory varies slightly depending on the version of QlikView being used (e.g. desktop vs publisher/server).

We would just like to note that these are not created by QVSource (which does not write files here) - Qlik have reproduced this issue and provided a bug ID and we hope it will be resolved in a future QlikView release.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

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