3 Videos that are Worth Watching

We wanted to draw your attention to some QVSource video demonstrations that have been independently recorded and posted to YouTube by social media expert, Fahran Qureshi.

Fahran, who takes an avid interest in web analytics, has put together 3 video tutorials with the overarching theme of getting a deeper insight into – and a better understanding of - your Twitter feed, using the QlikView and QVSource business intelligence tools in tandem.

(Note that the application showed in these posts can be downloaded from the QVSource GitHub Page).

  1. In the first 10-minute tutorial, “How to gain insight from Twitter using QlikView”, Fahran demonstrates how to use QlikView to understand the conversations taking place on Twitter, based on any criteria that you choose. In the demo, the tool he uses to carry out the Twitter analysis is our very own QVSource Twitter Connector, showing how to use it and how to set it up.
    • - Read the 1st tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.
  2. In Part 2, entitled “How to use QlikView to analyse Twitter conversations”, Fahran again uses the QVSource Twitter Connector to analyse the conversation on Twitter, cutting through the noise on Twitter to uncover the valuable conversations taking place, and showing how to customise the QVSource Connector to select Twitter accounts, hashtags and other Twitter search parameters.
    • - Read the 2nd tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.
  3. Part 3 is called “Gain even more insight into Twitter conversations using QlikView and QVSource”. In this final session, Fahran shows how QVSource takes the whole process of gathering business intelligence on your organisation’s Twitter performance to the next level. In this video, Fahran compares the Twitter feeds of two competing companies, changing the parameters in real-time, to demonstrate the agility and flexibility of the QVSource Connector. Fahran is able to instantaneously compare the number of tweets and retweets, and who fares better in response times, sentiment analysis, and audience growth.
    • - Read the 3rd tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.

It’s really heartening to receive such a positive independent review of our technology, from a completely impartial blogger. We'd like to thank Fahran for taking the time to record the videos, and share his thoughts on one of our connectors. We found his insight really valuable, and we are sure you will too. We have over 30 connectors in our portfolio, all designed to improve web analytics (Fahran’s specialist subject!) so maybe we’ll see him again sometime!

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