New QVSource Release (1.4.9) Available

We have just pushed out a major new release of QVSource with a large number of updates including four exciting new connectors for QlikView.

If you are currently evaluating QVSource or using it commercially we would definitely recommend you start using this new version (after reading the notes below carefully).

In particular, if you are a commercial user, please see if any of the MailChimp, Klout, Twitter or Facebook related fixes below affect you - if they do you should test your apps with the new version and upgrade.

In addition to the highlighted changes below, please check the change logs on our wiki for any connectors you are using as there have been a number of other minor updates and improvements.

New Connectors

In alphabetical order:

  • We have a new connector to Blue Yonder who provide a service and API for forward demanding prediction and planning. See our sample app which shows how to use this Connector. 
  • We have a new File Transfer Connector which allows you to both download and upload files from FTP and Secure FTP (SFTP) locations into/from QlikView. 
  • We have a new connector to the Google Prediction API which lets you 'train' your own categorization or regression prediction models based on your own training data set. The Prediction API uses patterns it finds in your training data to either find the closest category for the submitted example (if this is a categorical model) or estimate a value for the example (if this is a regression model) and returns the category or value. One potential use of this QlikView connector is to create your own sentiment API (we give an example here) but Google also give a few other examples on their website:
    • Document and Email Classification
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Spam Detection
    • Language Detection
    • Upsell Opportunity Analysis
    • Diagnostics
    • Suspicious Activity Detection
    • Churn Analysis 
  • We have added a new connector to HEIDI (the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions) for QlikView which should be of interest to a number of UK universities and other higher education institutions.

 Connector Updates

  • Version 3 of the Google Analytics Connector for QlikView has been added. This new version has all the features of the previous version, plus new support for real-time data and Multi-Channel Funnel Reporting! The other main change is that we have upgraded it to the new UI and workflow style (as we plan to do to all connectors in due course). The previous version (V2) of this connector should now be considered deprecated and will be removed in March 2014 giving existing users several months to make the (simple) upgrade.
  • Similarly, we have also upgraded the Google AdWords and General Web (JSON/XML/SOAP) Connectors for QlikView to use the new UI and workflow and the previous versions should be considered deprecated.
  • The General Web (JSON/XML/SOAP) Connector now supports:
    • Saving the response to a local file. This has been found useful for example, for downloading image files which can then be loaded into the actual QlikView application for usage offline and also better performance.
    • Loading local files - this is useful for example if you have a file with JSON formatted data and wish to load it into QlikView.
  • We have improved and moved the Google Spreadsheet Connector functionality into the Google Drive Connector for QlikView where we feel it makes more logical sense. The dedicated Google Spreadsheet Connector should now be considered deprecated and will be removed in March 2014 giving existing users several months to make the (simple) upgrade. Note that users who have purchased a commercial licence for the Google Spreadsheet Connector will be automatically transferred over to the Google Drive Connector.
    • We have also added a new DownloadRawFile table to the Google Drive Connector.
  • We have added a number of new tables to the LinkedIn Connector for accessing a person's companies and company statistics. The Skills table has also been renamed MySkills and only returns skills for the authenticated user.
    • Note that we are aware of a number of issues with this connector which appear to be due to changes in the underlying API. We are currently considering working on a new V2 of this Connector.
  • We have fixed a bug in the Facebook Fan Pages Connector for QlikView which caused the has_likes and has_comments columns to be swapped in some cases.
  • Twitter Connector for QlikView
    • BREAKING CHANGE: We have also made a very minor breaking change in the Twitter Connector for QlikView by removing the cursor column from the FollowerIds table. We are investigating a new way to properly support paging through some of the Twitter tables and currently you will see a new 'Post_FollowerIds_Info (Beta)' table and you will find some notes here regarding this (although this still isn't working how we would like).
    • We have also added a new Favorites table to this Connector and fixed an issue with the CustomRequest table.
  • Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Connector for QlikView
    • This is now out of beta.
    • It will also now wait up to 20 minutes for the report generation to complete and also has a few more progress update messages (when running in the UI) so you can get a better idea of how long each phase of the report request is taking.
    • We have also upgraded it to use the very latest DFP API (201311).
  • We have fixed a bug in the CampaignEmailStats table of the MailChimp Connector (it looks like a minor change in the API response started causing an issue in the connector) and the email address parameter should now be correctly URL encoded.
  • We have fixed a bug with the monthChange column showing true/false instead of numeric value in the Klout Connector and also added a new column for the score bucket.
  • We have upgraded the Google Plus Connector for QlikView to use the new UI layout and also made a couple of improvements to the Connector.
  • The MailBox Connector has been upgraded to use the new UI style and also has new tables to list and download email attachments. 
  • The Repustate option in the Text Analytics & Sentiment Analysis Connector for QlikView now supports Chinese and sentiment by topic.
  • The Google AdSense, Google DFPGoogle CalendarGoogle AdWords, Google DriveGeneral JSON/XML/SOAP and OData Connectors are now out of beta. If you have been using any of these connectors and wish to continue to do so when upgrading QVSource please contact us or your QVSource partner for licensing details.

Removed Connectors

Other Updates

  • You will probably notice we have a new product logo on our website, wiki, blog and other online locations. This is also now used in the product.
  • We have moved most of our demo QlikView applications over to our site on GitHub. Using GitHub makes it much easier to track changes that are made between versions. Note that you do not need to know how to use GitHub - if you want to download an application just look for the 'Download ZIP' button.

NOTE: You can access this latest version from the link you received when signing up for QVSource.

We really hope you are enjoying the updates!

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