Upates to the QVSource Facebook Fan Pages Starter App For QlikView

A quick note to say that we have just updated our Facebook Fan Page Starter App for QlikView to stay in line with the recent changes to the QVSource Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector for QlikView here.

As a reminder this application lets you make a couple of minor edits to a config file and then very easily start loading data for a number of Facebook Fan Pages (or Groups) into QlikView. The application also uses the QVSource Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector for QlikView to score the posts and comments for sentiment.

You will need the latest version of QVSource ( to use this application.

The config file for the application now has two new variables:

// If the has_at_least_this_many_likes value is less than or equal to this we assume this is
// the actual like count. If it is greater than this we make extra table requests (and therefore
// API calls) to establish correct number.
let vLikeCountThreshold = 25;

// Same as above but for comments.
let vCommentCountThreshold = 25;

This means that if the following variables are both set to 1:

let vLoadCommentCountForFeedItems = 1;
let vLoadLikeCountForFeedItems = 1;

And the connector can establish that the comment or like count is at least as big as the threshold values set, then the QlikView load script will now make additional requests to other tables (and therefore API requests in the background) to retrieve the exact value.

Note that turning on these vLoadXXXXXXCountForFeedItems variables will slow the load script down so if you don't need these more accurate like and comment counts we would recommend that you leave the values set to 0.

Almost all the changes to this application have been made on the "Facebook Feed" tab of the QlikView application's load script.

The full change log for the application can be found on the GitHub page, on the first tab of the QlikView application and is also duplicated below. - 30/08/13
* BREAKING CHANGES - This new version will not be compatible with QVDs from a previous version.
* IMPORTANT - This version requires QVSource or later.
* Added columns to feed table:
from_id as FeedItem_from_id,
status_type as FeedItem_status_type,
to_id as FeedItem_to_id,
to_name as FeedItem_to_name,
to_category as FeedItem_to_category,
story as FeedItem_story,
application_name as FeedItem_application_name,
application_namespace as FeedItem_application_namespace,
application_id as FeedItem_application_id,
has_at_least_this_many_likes as FeedItem_has_at_least_this_many_likes,
has_at_least_this_many_comments as FeedItem_has_at_least_this_many_comments,
* Added new vLikeCountThreshold and vCommentCountThreshold to config file and associated logic/loadscript. See notes in config file for more detail.
* vIgnoreCache moved to config file.
* Added warning notes on intro tab when vLoadCommentCountForFeedItems or vLoadLikeCountForFeedItems are not set to 1.
* App is now set to require QVSource

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