New Release Of QVSource (1.4.7) - The QlikView API Connector - Now Available

Today we've released a new version of QVSource, which has a large number of exciting enhancements, updates and fixes across a number of the connectors.

Of particular importance are a number or changes to the Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector - some of them breaking changes. So if you are using this connector please take note and upgrade and test your application scripts appropriately.

In a follow up to the last post, some more connectors have also been removed, but we've also added some new ones!

A New Way to Contact us for Support

If you've read any reviews about us (like the 36 5-star reviews on QlikMarket), you'll quickly see that we take supporting you very seriously and strive to give the very best service. To help us improve our customer service even further we've started to use Zendesk, (if, like us, you want to get Zendesk data into QlikView with QVSource, see below!) So if you do need to get in touch for support, if having read our documentation you're still stuck, please contact us at support[at] or That way you can be confident the right person will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Updates to Connectors

  • Sentiment & Text Analytics V2 Connector
    • Chatterbox has now been added to the connector.
    • The Repustate option now supports Italian.
  • General Web Connector
    • A comma separated list of http Headers can now be specified for requests as well as the accept type.
    • We often get asked if our General Web Connector can work with certain APIs, which in many cases it can. So, we've put together a few examples on how to use this connector with ZendeskRome2Rio (an API that gives routing between 2 points), and how to use it with a SOAP web service
  • Mashape Connector
    • The authentication process for Mashape has changed and the connector has been updated to reflect this.
  • Facebook Pages & Groups Connector
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Due to API changes, the FeedItems and Posts tables can no longer show the like count. We have added a new table LikeCountForItem table to retrieve this. If you are using the Facebook Pages Application, then you will now see zero for the count. An updated application with the new table will be released soon. If you are using this connector we would strongly recommend you test your QlikView applications against this new version and adjust your load scripts as necessary before deploying to production.
    • A new Albums table has been added.
    • A new PromotablePosts table has been added. This is similar to Posts except it includes 'the Page's own posts, including unpublished and scheduled posts' and has an additional is_published column.
    • The cache is now cleared when the user re-authenticates.
    • We have tidied up some labels and other minor issues.
  • Twitter Connector
    • We have fixed the info labels on UserLookup table.
    • A new FollowersId table has been added.
    • There is now better handling when the quota limit is reached on the Follower and Following tables.
  • Mailbox Connector
    • Fixed issue where exceptions requesting table would sometimes crash QVSource due to invalid XML characters in the stack trace.
    • Better checking of nullable values when downloading Imap mails (this could have caused an incomplete download in some instances).
    • The Imap download should no longer fail completely if a single email fails.
    • For Imap, it now handles case where To field is a MailGroup and shows the group name.
  • iTunes Connector
    • BREAKING CHANGES: There have been a number of updates and improvements to this connector which will mean any load scripts using the connector will need to be re-generated. Please see the change log for details.
  • MongoDB Connector
    • Added a new input for Database name (this can also take a comma separated list). This is useful in scenarios where the user does not have permission to enumerate the Database names.
  • General updates

Connectors Removed

  • The Solve360, Freshbooks and FreeAgent Connectors have now been removed, which as far as we are aware were not being used and, as we mentioned in our last blog post, we want to focus our efforts on connectors which are more popular. As before, if you are using these and feel we have made a mistake do get in touch and let us know.

Starter Applications & Examples

In a recent Facebook update comments can have replies against them, which was quickly added to the Facebook Page & Groups Connector. We have now incorporated this into our Facebook Pages Starter QlikView Application. There have also been some other breaking changes to the Facebook API (see above) which we are working on incorporating into the demo application.

The Google Analytics Starter Application has also had a few minor fixes.

Moving Starter/Demo QlikView Applications to GitHub

We have also thought about how we can improve the delivery and maintenance of these Starter/Demo applications to you as it's not always clear what changes we make, so we are starting to trial GitHub as a place to do this. For most users you won't really notice much change in how you get the starter applications, but for those who want to understand the changes and improvements we make, it'll become much more transparent, which we think is a good thing.

You can read a wiki page with more information on how this works here.

New YouTube Analytics Connector

In addition to the YouTube Data Connector where you can get largely public-based data on videos, we now have a YouTube Analytics Connector for those of you that need a much greater insight into your videos.

Try QVSource

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email. You can find upgrade instructions here.

If you are new to QVSource but are a QlikView user interested in getting data from Web APIs into your applications, why not get your free trial of QVSource? It's quick to do and in a few minutes you can get your data into QlikView with one of our starter applications.

If you've already trialled QVSource and would like an extension, please get in touch via support[at] (attaching your current licence file) and we'll happily extend it for you.

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