New Release Of QVSource (1.4.5) The QlikView API Connector Now Available

We have a new release of QVSource (The QlikView API Connector) available with a lot of small updates, improvements and fixes across a broad range of connectors.

If you are currently using QVSource commercially or evaluating it please read the following, particularly for any connectors you are using, as you will probably want to update your installation.

  • Facebook InsightsWe fixed a major issue with this which was affecting some users when the name of a subvalue field returned from the Facebook API was an empty "" string resulting in an XmlNodeConverter error in QVSource. We have also improved some of the UI labels and messages that are shown in the case where an error does occur.
  • Text Analytics Connector (V2)
    • Fixed an issue which caused this to crash the first time it was shown.
    • Fixed bug with batch sentiment analysis in connection to Repustate.
    • Fixed bug where Sentiment140 language parameter was being ignored.
    • The Random sentiment generator now always returns scores with a decimal point (e.g. 1.5 instead of 1,5) as in countries which use a comma as a decimal this was breaking compatibility with our demo applications.
  • Twitter Connector
    • New TweetLookup table added.
    • New favorite_count column now available for Tweets.
    • New symbols columns added which pulls out a CSV list of any stock symbols in the Tweet (e.g. $QLIK).
    • UserTimeline now returns up to 3200 Tweets.
    • HomeTimeline now returns up to 800 Tweets.
    • The behaviour of the maxCacheAgeInHours parameter has changed - now -1 means cache indefinitely. Set to 0 to not use the cache at all. This is used on the UserLookup and TweetLookup tables.
    • We have fixed an issue with the Grouping column in the template demo application for Twitter.
  • Facebook Fan Page Connector (INCLUDING BREAKING CHANGES)
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Facebook have changed their API which means the comments_count on the FeedItems table is no longer available (we now return 'DEPRECATED - Please use CommentCountForItem Table.' for this column). You can either use the new CommentCountForItem table (see below) or the new has_comments column which has been added to this table.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: The feeditem_id column from the CommentsForItem table has been removed. This is because this table also now works for Comments on Comments and therefore the feeditem_id would actually be a comment id. As this is passed in anyway as a parameter to the table it is not needed here.
    • New CommentCountForItem table added which can be used for any feed item or top level comment id (as comments now also allow replies which are effectively comments on comments).
    • New CommentsAndRepliesForItem table added which lists comments and comment replies in chronological order (including details on the parent comment where applicable).
    • We have added a new Person table. The existing User table can be used with the ID of a person, fan page or any Facebook object and it will attempt to extract as much information as possible. The new Person table can only be used with the object ID of a person and it specifically requests only data which applies to a person, including some data not available in the User table.
    • When requesting things like feed items and comments, the connector now requests data in batches of 100 items instead of 250 which has resolved some bugs certain users were experiencing with the FeedItems table for specific Facebook Fan Pages.
    • Added end_date to Events table.
    • The template demo application has been updated to accommodate the breaking issues above and also now uses V2 of the Text Analyser Connector
  • Google Analytics Connector
    • Fixed issue where Accounts, WebProperties, WebProfiles, Goals and Segments tables would only show up to 1000 rows.
    • Fixed issue with progress bar for Data table.
  • General Web Connector - We have added a feature which converts any JSON element names beginning with a number (e.g. 2013-01-01) to have an N_ prefix (e.g. N_2013-01-01). Previously these elements were causing an error on translating them to XML (which QVSource uses internally). With this fix we have had users able to connect to new APIs including appFigures and App Annie.
  • YouTube Connector
    • Version 1 of this Connector has now been marked as 'Deprecated' and will be removed from QVSource in the near future. Please upgrade to V2 of this Connector. The updates below apply to V2 not V1.
    • Fixed issue with Insights data for Video not working.
    • Improved error messages when Insights data not found or invalid date inputs are made for Insights.
    • Now embeds encrypted refresh token in script when this option is selected.
    • Removed MostViewed table. This has been deprecated by the API and is the same as MostPopular.
  • Klout Connector
    • The Random data generator option for this (used for development purposes to avoid hitting the API) now always returns numbers with a decimal point (e.g. 1.5 instead of 1,5) as in countries which use a comma as a decimal this was breaking compatibility with our demo applications.
  • Google Plus Connector - We have fixed a bug where a change in the API was causing endless looping on some of the tables.
  • Notifier Connector - This contains a new CC input to include email addresses to be copied to.
  • Google Drive Connector - Oops - we accidentally removed this recently from the build by accident. It's back!
  • Removed Connectors
    • We have removed V1 of the Google Analytics and Google Spreadsheets Connectors as these now have V2 versions which should be used in preference. We have run both versions in parallel for a long time and it is time now to sunset the previous versions.
    • We have removed the following connectors - as far as we are aware these are not being used and we want to focus our efforts on connectors which are more popular. Please note, if you are using these and feel we have made a mistake do get in touch and let us know.
      • Viadeo
      • InfoChimps
      • Factual
      • World Bank
      • Omniture (note: We have heard of users using a built in Omniture feature to export report data to an FTP location and access this natively from QlikView so it is not clear that a connector to the API is necassary).

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email.

Or, if you've never tried QVSource and would like to, then you can get a free trial by completing this form.

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