Major New Official QVSource Release (1.4.2) Now Available for QlikView

We just published our latest official QVSource release (1.4.2) and it was a big one - in addition to the usual updates and improvements to the connectors we have also added a number of stability, performance and logging enhancements which should be of interest to enterprise users of QlikView.

If you are currently evaluating QVSource and especially if you are a commercial user we would strongly recommend you read this post as it almost certainly contains information which will affect you.

Much of this information was also discussed in our recent blog posts here, here, here and here, but there are also some new updates specific to this latest build.

Last Beta Version Of Certain Connectors

We are planning to take the following Connectors out of beta in the next official build of QVSource (probably in about 6 - 8 weeks time). This is particularly important to commercial users of QVSource who might currently be using these as when they are taken out of beta you will need a commercial licence to continue to use them:

Deprecated Connectors

This will be the last official build of QVSource which contains V1 of the Google Spreadsheet and Google Analytics connectors. Both of these have now been superseded by much improved 'V2' versions which we would recommend you migrate to.

Synchronous, Asynchronous and Batch Request Modes Added

This is a significant new capability in QVSource which was explained in detail in the previous blog post and so will not be covered again here. This update has the potential to give major performance improvements and also change and improve the way QVSource related QlikView script is constructed.

One thing to note is that we have now removed the previous mechanism for running asynchronous requests as the new functionality improves and supersedes this.

QVSource Windows Service

QVSource now has a dedicated Windows Service available and documented here. We have always had a well documented and stable way of configuring QVSource to run on a server environment however the new Windows Service represents an improvement over this technique and in time will likely become the recommended and only supported method.

Related to this, we have also now made it so if QVSource is running in server mode you can run QVSource desktop in order to manage connector and other settings without having to then restart the QVSource server instance for changes to be picked up.

First Version Of New Twitter Connector (V2)

This build has the first version of the new Twitter Connector V2 in which also illustrates the new UI style we are working towards as discussed here. Unfortunately Twitter will start shutting down version 1.0 of their API in early march so all users should start upgrading to this new version ASAP.

First Version of New Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector (V2)

This build has the first version of the new Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector in. This also illustrates the new UI style we are working towards as discussed here. We would also recommend users start working with this new version and reporting any issues as it will soon replace V1 of this Connector.

Checking the Status of QVSource

It has always been possible to browse to http://localhost:5555/QVSource to get a html page with various pieces of information about QVSource (e.g. the licence state, version, which Connectors were running). We have now tidied this up and added additional information. More importantly, we have added a new XML option at http://localhost:5555/QVSource?format=xml which allows you to check the exact QVSource status from your QlikView load script as explained here.

Log File & Error Page Updates

QVSource now has a much more structured XML file format with additional information added. As before, logging needs to be enabled for these to be generated as explained here. It should now be possible to load these files into QlikView directly for structured reporting.

Related to this, the HTML error page which QVSource sends back has also been enhanced and tidied.

appID Load Script Parameter

QVSource now adds an appID= parameter to the generated QlikView load script. We recommend setting a variable at the start of your load script, e.g.:

let vQVSourceAppId = 'my_app_identifier';

And then adding this variable to all of your QVSource requests, e.g:


This provides an identifier to QVSource to be used in error logging and tracing. This is explained in more detail here.

Note that in a recent 'nightly build' we actually generated the full appID=$(vQVSourceAppId) in the QVSource generated load script. Unfortunately it was pointed out that this actually breaks the QlikView 'Web File' Wizard (used for example in the General XML/JSON Connector and certain tables in other Connectors) - so now we just include an empty appID= parameter in the URL leaving it to the user to insert a value or variable in the final QlikView script as recommended above. This isn't mandatory or required and it can be left blank.

Other Connector Changes & Updates

  • The Google AdSense Connector for QlikView has been upgraded to use the latest API (version 1.2).
  • The Google Analytics Connector For QlikView has had a number of minor tweaks and fixes. These are only likely to affect you if you were using the MaxNumberOfPages parameter (i.e. not bringing back all the data for a particular query url).
  • Empty \Temp folder has been added to the distribution - this is currently the recommended location to store the parameters CSV files used by the new processParams[Sync|Async|Batch] feature.
  • The General JSON/XML API Connector now has a better preview of XML and HTML and also a new checkbox to encrypt the request URL before including in your QlikView script to help secure any sensitive credentials it might contain.
  • The Facebook Fan Pages and Insights Connectors now have buttons to 'Deauthorise' the Connectors (i.e. detach them from your Facebook account).
  • The Facebook Fan Pages Connector has a new QuestionVotes table listing the users who selected each option.
  • The Klout Connector has been tweaked to work more efficiently with the new new async feature. Note that the Klout V1 Connector for QlikView has been removed from QVSource.
  • The FreeAgent Connector has two new tables related to the Trial Balance. We have also removed V1 of this connector and recommend upgrading to the latest V2 version.
  • The first version of the Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Connector is now included. We hope to add more functionality to this soon. Please get in touch if you are interested.
  • The Semiocast Connector for QlikView now supports new languages and has some performance improvements.
  • We have upgraded the MongoDB Connector for QlikView to use the latest c# driver and also fixed a couple of minor issues.

All these recent features further enhance the speed and ease at which you can load your QlikView applications with data from a large number of web APIs.

We hope you like the updates and we are looking forward to continuing to innovate and improve QVSource - The QlikView API Connector in 2013!

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