Facebook Health Checker Template Application for QlikView Updated

We have just given our template application for Facebook social media analysis in QlikView a review and overhaul, making a number of improvements and fixes.

You can see a live version of this application on our website here:

Where we are running daily reloads of Facebook data for three of the top browsers as an example. But QVSource users can reload this with data from any Facebook Fan Pages or Groups.

So for example if you are a QlikView user with responsibility for your social media strategy you could use this dashboard to monitor data for your brand and those of your top competitors, comparing engagement, sentiment and large number of other metrics which the data model makes available.

It really is that easy - a small config file allows you to specify the Facebook Fan Pages you would like to load data for, as well as a number of other settings including how far you would like to go back in time, which sentiment API(s) you would like to use etc. The application is then designed to be reloaded as often as you like (we often use daily reloads), intelligently accumulating new data into QVDs and providing a rich data model from which to base your own KPIs and dashboards.

(BTW - We also have similar applications for Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube and a number of other APIs on our wiki).

One of the main changes to this version is the ability to load sentiment and user info asynchronously which can give big performance boosts - we also plan to allow this for posts and comments in the next version as well.

The list of updates and changes are found in the first tab of the load script and also copied below:
* Option added in config to load sentiment asynchronously for better performance (vAsyncSentiment).
* Option added in config to load user info asynchronously for better performance (vLoadPostersAndCommenterInfoAsync).
* Sentiment now only loaded when status = 'OK'.
* Commenter_name not Commenter_username now used in AllUsers data set which fixes an issue where the name for some commenters was empty (when loaded from QVDs).
* AllUsers_language and AllUsers_country added (parsed from locale) (when loaded from QVDs).
* Added Page_loaddate_Month to FB_Page (when loaded from QVDs).
* Comments Per Post vs Date no longer accumulative.
* Likes Per Post vs Date no longer accumulative.
* Removed print and export to Excel icons on charts.
* Added country and language charts for All Users.
* Fixed Sentiment Vs Gender Chart.
* Fixed error in summary count of posts and comments on intro tab.
* Various UI rearrangements and improvements on all tabs and many charts.

QVSource allows QlikView users to connect to literally hundreds of APIs quickly and easily - this application uses the Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector and the Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector. You can grab a free fully functional evaluation of QVSource on our website.

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