QVSource 1.6.1 Now Available

We have just released version 1.6.1 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector!

There are a lot of updates, so please scan this blog post for any connectors you are using or thinking of using. As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • We have a V2 of the OData Connector (V1 is now deprecated, see below). This uses the new UI style and has some additional functionality, in particular the ability to extract referenced/linked tables using the columns with the _Feed and _Entry suffixes (the values of which can be used as new OData Resource Path inputs). You should regenerate your QlikView and Qlik Sense load scripts for the new version.

Updated Connectors

  • V3 of the Facebook Insights Connector now has the first version of application insights available and now uses version 2.3 of the Facebook Insights and Facebook Application Insights API.
  • Google DFP Connector Updates
    • Upgraded to v201502 of the API. Please read the release notes carefully.
    • Added fix for "WebClient does not support concurrent I/O operations" error which you may have experienced if running multiple reloads simultaneously.
    • The PQLAsXml table now returns the raw SOAP response from the DFP API (formerly we were re-serialising the deserialised object model back to XML and the result was wrong).
    • Reports are no longer saved to a temporary file in an intermediate step but rather streamed directly to the output.
    • Added new 'raw' ReportRaw table which returns the exact contents returned from the API (tab separated values file at time of writing).
    • Upgraded to new OAuth 2 framework.
  • YouTube Connector:
    • Comments and Comment Responses now use the YouTube V3 API.
    • Added search term to comments tables.
    • Added channel comments.
    • Added 'Include Statistics Details' to VideoStatistics table.
  • The Google Analytics Connector now has support for Unsampled Reports (note these are available to Google Analytics Premium Customers only) via the UnsampledReportsInsert, UnsampledReportsList and UnsampledReportsGet tables. Note at present we only support customers who have set this up to export the reports to Google Drive and the Google Drive Connector now has a new GetRawFileByIdAsText table to retrieve these more easily.
  • SugarCRM Connector
    • Improved code for checking refreshing access token.
    • Added CustomRequestAsXml table.
  • JIRA Connector: We have added created/updated date filter on AllIssues table and removed the maximum items cap of 500 which was a bug. NOTE - We expect this will be the last release where this connector will be in beta, so if you are making use of this please contact us about pricing.
  • Adobe Analytics (Omniture) (NOTE - We expect this will be the last release where this connector will be in beta, so if you are making use of this please contact us about pricing):
    • DWCheckRequest table now always returns a single row, even in the case of an error message being returned from the API.
    • Fixed bug in ReportSuiteGetSegments table. Also, it now checks for both segments and sc_segments elements (a new element_name column specifies which).
    • Expanded notes for some tables.
    • Fixed bug with ReportGetQueue table.
    • Added ReportQueueAndWait and ReportQueueFromFileAndWait tables. This means you no longer need to construct logic to check the queue and wait for the report to complete in your QlikView and Qlik Sense load script.
  • We have Added inReplyTo column to IMAP and POP messages tables to the MailBox Connector.
  • We have added a new max API calls per second input parameter to the Facebook Fan Pages Connector and V3 of the Facebook Insights Connector. This might help users who are receiving API quota exceed limits.
  • We have also noted that with respect to Groups, the Facebook Fan Pages Connector will only now work with open/public groups. This appears to have been a change since the deprecated v1.0 of the Facebook API.
  • The Short URL Expander Connector has been updated to use the new UI style.
  • The Yahoo Placemaker Connector has been updated to use the new UI style.
  • Google Drive: IMPORTANT: It seems Google now have automatically updated all spreadsheets to the new version. If you are using load scripts which load the older versions of Google Spreadsheets we would advise you to check these are still running and if not, quickly regenerate your load scripts which should be straightforward.
  • Klout Connector:
    • Upgraded to new UI style.
    • Added a new KloutIDFromInstagramId table. You could now use the Instagram Connector to find Instagram users and then this connector to get data on their social influence.
  • Notification Connector:
    • BREAKING CHANGE - The sendemail_status, sendemail_result and sendemail_filesattached are now named status, result and filesattached.
    • Added 'Use SSL' input parameter.
    • From field no longer mandatory (username will be used if not set).
    • Upgraded to new UI style.
  • Mashape Connector (BREAKING CHANGES - You should regenerate your load scripts when updating to this version):
    • Upgraded to latest UI style.
    • Added content type input parameter.
    • QVX is now the default response format (previously it was HTML). Ensure you upgrade to use QVX format (recommended) or use &format=html in your requests (not recommended).
    • Cache time in hours will now accept integers only.

Deprecated Connectors

V1 of the OData Connector is now deprecated and planned for removal from QVSource in August 2015. Please upgrade to V2 of the Connector (see above).

Removed Connectors

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

QVSource 1.5.2 Now Available

We have just released a new version of QVSource - The QlikView API Connector. This blog posts outlines the main changes

As always, we would also recommend you also read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • SugarCRM: We have a brand new connector for SugarCRM, one of the most widely used CRM systems on the market. This connector allows QlikView users to load Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Forecasts, Meetings and Calls.

Updated Connectors

  • Facebook Insights V2: We have a completely revised V2 of our Facebook Insights Connector which uses the new UI style. This offers huge performance and usability improvements over the previous version (which is now deprecated and marked for removal) and we would recommend all users to upgrade. We have instructions here on upgrading from the previous version. Please note that the previous V1 of this Connector will be removed from QVSource in June 2014 so all users should upgrade no later than this.
  • MongoDB: We have a new version of our MongoDB Connector which uses the new UI style and the latest MongoDB Driver. The previous version of this Connector is now deprecated and although this Connector is still in beta would encourage all users to start using this new version and providing feedback or comments.
  • Google Calendars: We have a new version of our Google Calendar which uses the new UI style. This has a small but breaking change which is that the default data format is now QVX - we would recommend you regenerate your load scripts.
  • Google AdSense: We have a new version of our Google AdSense Connector which uses the new UI style and the latest API (v1.4) version. Please note that the previous V1 of this Connector will be removed from QVSource in June 2014 so all users should upgrade no later than this.

Removed/Deprecated Connectors

Of particular importance are the four removed Connectors listed below. If you are using these you must upgrade to start using the new versions.

  • The following Connectors have been removed as they have been replace/superseded with new improved versions:
  • Salesforce Connector: We have also deprecated our Salesforce Connector for QlikView. This is because Qlik have their own Connector to this already. We are not currently planning to remove the QVSource version from the product but are no longer actively maintaining or developing it. If you find the Qlik Salesforce Connector does not meet your requirements please get in touch.

Connector Updates

  • Google AdWords Connector: We have upgraded this by two AdWords API versions to the latest v201403. Please check the Report related updates here and here for changes and new features which you may be able to use in your reports.
  • Google Analytics Connector: We have fixed a minor bug where the WebProfiles table did not page correctly. This would only have affected users who had more than 1000 Web Profiles.
  • Google DFP Connector:
    • We have upgraded to the latest DFP API version v201403.
    • We have reduced memory utilisation and improved performance.
    • The Connector now makes more intelligent usage of the API quota limits.
    • The parameter input area should now scroll vertically.
  • Google Drive & Spreadsheets Connector: We have added the ability to specify a folder ID to move a newly created spreadsheet to.
  • Google Plus Connector:
    • The Person table has been renamed ObjectDetails (as it can return data for a Person or Page). For script generated using previous versions, the table People should be automatically mapped to this name. This table also has the following new fields: occupation, plusOneCount, circledByCount and primary_placesLived.
    • We have added a new ObjectDetailsAsXML table which returns all the details returned by the API as XML (ObjectDetails selects a subset of these to a structured table). This can then be natively parsed/loaded in QlikView.
  • Twitter Connector: We have added Post_UserLookup_Info and Post_UserLookupById_Info tables and an associated example application on GitHub here illustrating how they can be used. The purpose of these tables is to support the use case of loading information on a large number of followers or friends. Because the API only allows a limited number of calls per 15 minutes, if the account you are interested in has above a certain number of followers/friends then you need to accumulate this data over a number of reloads over a number of 15 minute windows.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector:  The ChatterBox option has been renamed to Sentimental. The Excitement table has been removed and an Anger table has been added for Chinese. These are changes based on the underlying API and not due to QVSource.
  • Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector:
    • The User and Person tables now always return a row, a new status column indicates any errors returned if there was an issue retrieving the data.
    • We have fixed a bug in the 'Don't return items before' feature which was sometimes not going back as far as it should.
    • We have fixed bug where the has_at_least_this_many_likes and has_at_least_this_many_comments fields always had a value one larger than the actual.
    • We have added comment_link and like_link columns to FeedItems and Posts tables. This contains a link which allows you to open the post in a browser from your QlikView application.
  • Blue Yonder Connector: We have upgraded this in line with the latest v1.14.0 and also changed the parameter input for the API version so the user can enter their own version number (rather than picking from a drop down).
  • General XML/JSON/SOAP Web Connector: We have added a new User Agent input field to allow this to be overridden.
  • You Tube Analytics Connector: This Connector has now been taken out of beta.
  • HEIDI Connector: The parameter input area should now scroll vertically.

QVSource On GitHub

You will now find most of our example and 'starter' applications over on our GitHub page here.

You don't need to know anything about GitHub to use them (just look for the 'Download ZIP' button for any applications you are interested in). However if you do have a free GitHub account you can use it to receive alerts for changes to the applications and also as a way of exploring the load scripts and their changes on the GitHub site itself (look for the LoadScript.txt file in the sub folder of the application you are interested in).

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release at the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

Before that - If you like what we are doing with QVSource and haven't already, please take a minute to rate us on QlikMarket or leave a recommendation on our LinkedIn product page.

New Nightly Build Of QVSource ( Available

We have just pushed out a new nightly build of QVSource with a large number of updates including two exciting new connectors for QlikView.

If you are currently evaluating QVSource, we would definitely recommend you start using this new version.

If you are a commercial user, please see if any of the MailChimp, Klout, Twitter or Facebook related fixes below affect you - if they do you should test your apps with the new version and upgrade.

Otherwise, if any of the updates below are interesting or applicable to you we would recommend you start testing your QlikView applications on a test server against the new version.

In addition to the highlighted changes below, please check the change logs on our wiki for any connectors you are using as there have been a number of other minor updates and improvements.

New Connectors

  • We have a brand new connector to the Google Prediction API which we are particularly excited about. This connector lets you 'train' your own categorization or regression prediction models based on your own training data set. The Prediction API uses patterns it finds in your training data to either find the closest category for the submitted example (if this is a categorical model) or estimate a value for the example (if this is a regression model) and returns the category or value. One potential use of this QlikView connector is to create your own sentiment API (we give an example here) but Google also give a few other examples on their website:
    • Document and Email Classification
    • Recommendation Systems
    • Spam Detection
    • Language Detection
    • Upsell Opportunity Analysis
    • Diagnostics
    • Suspicious Activity Detection
    • Churn Analysis
  • We have added a new connector to HEIDI (the Higher Education Information Database for Institutions) for QlikView which should be of interest to a number of UK universities and other higher education institutions.

 Connector Updates

  • Version 3 of the Google Analytics Connector for QlikView has been added. This new version has all the features of the previous version, plus new support for real-time data and Mult-Channel Funnel Reporting!. The other main change is that we have upgraded it to the new UI and workflow style (as we plan to do to all connectors in due course). The previous version (V2) of this connector should now be considered deprecated and will be removed in March 2014 giving existing users 6 months to make the (simple) upgrade.
  • Similarly, we have also upgraded the Google AdWords and General Web (JSON/XML/SOAP) Connectors for QlikView to use the new UI and workflow and the previous versions should be considered deprecated.
    • The new General Web (JSON/XML/SOAP) Connector now supports saving the response to a local file. This has been found useful for example, for downloading image files which can then be loaded into the actual QlikView application for usage offline and also better performance.
  • We have improved and moved the Google Spreadsheet Connector functionality into the Google Drive Connector for QlikView where we feel it makes more logical sense. The dedicated Google Spreadsheet Connector should now be considered deprecated and will be removed in March 2014 giving existing users 6 months to make the (simple) upgrade. Note that users who have purchased a commercial licence for the Google Spreadsheet Connector will be automatically transferred over to the Google Drive Connector.
  • We have added a number of new tables to the LinkedIn Connector for accessing a person's companies and company statistics.
  • We have fixed a bug in the Facebook Fan Pages Connector for QlikView which caused the has_likes and has_comments columns to be swapped in some cases.
  • BREAKING CHANGE: We have made a very minor breaking change in the Twitter Connector for QlikView by removing the cursor column from the FollowerIds table. We are investigating a new way to properly support paging through some of the Twitter tables and currently you will see a new 'Post_FollowerIds_Info (Beta)' table and you will find some notes here regarding this (although this still isn't working how we would like).
  • The Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Connector for QlikView will now wait up to 20 minutes for the report generation to complete and also has a few more progress update messages (when running in the UI) so you can get a better idea of how long each phase of the report request is taking.
  • We have fixed a bug in the CampaignEmailStats table of the MailChimp Connector (it looks like a minor change in the API response started causing an issue in the connector) and the email address parameter should now be correctly URL encoded.
  • We have fixed a bug with the monthChange column showing true/false instead of numeric value in the Klout Connector and also added a new column for the score bucket.
  • We have upgraded the Google Plus Connector for QlikView to use the new UI layout and also made a couple of improvements to the Connector.

Removed Connectors

NOTE: You can access this latest version from the link you received when signing up for QVSource. We really hope you are enjoying the updates and are particularly interested in talking to any users working with the new Google Prediction Connector so we can make sure it's working well for you.

If you like using QVSource, please take 30 seconds to help us by rating us on QlikMarket.

New Release Of QVSource (1.4.7) - The QlikView API Connector - Now Available

Today we've released a new version of QVSource, which has a large number of exciting enhancements, updates and fixes across a number of the connectors.

Of particular importance are a number or changes to the Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector - some of them breaking changes. So if you are using this connector please take note and upgrade and test your application scripts appropriately.

In a follow up to the last post, some more connectors have also been removed, but we've also added some new ones!

A New Way to Contact us for Support

If you've read any reviews about us (like the 36 5-star reviews on QlikMarket), you'll quickly see that we take supporting you very seriously and strive to give the very best service. To help us improve our customer service even further we've started to use Zendesk, (if, like us, you want to get Zendesk data into QlikView with QVSource, see below!) So if you do need to get in touch for support, if having read our documentation you're still stuck, please contact us at support[at]qvsource.com or qvsource.zendesk.com. That way you can be confident the right person will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Updates to Connectors

  • Sentiment & Text Analytics V2 Connector
    • Chatterbox has now been added to the connector.
    • The Repustate option now supports Italian.
  • General Web Connector
    • A comma separated list of http Headers can now be specified for requests as well as the accept type.
    • We often get asked if our General Web Connector can work with certain APIs, which in many cases it can. So, we've put together a few examples on how to use this connector with ZendeskRome2Rio (an API that gives routing between 2 points), desk.com and how to use it with a SOAP web service
  • Mashape Connector
    • The authentication process for Mashape has changed and the connector has been updated to reflect this.
  • Facebook Pages & Groups Connector
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Due to API changes, the FeedItems and Posts tables can no longer show the like count. We have added a new table LikeCountForItem table to retrieve this. If you are using the Facebook Pages Application, then you will now see zero for the count. An updated application with the new table will be released soon. If you are using this connector we would strongly recommend you test your QlikView applications against this new version and adjust your load scripts as necessary before deploying to production.
    • A new Albums table has been added.
    • A new PromotablePosts table has been added. This is similar to Posts except it includes 'the Page's own posts, including unpublished and scheduled posts' and has an additional is_published column.
    • The cache is now cleared when the user re-authenticates.
    • We have tidied up some labels and other minor issues.
  • Twitter Connector
    • We have fixed the info labels on UserLookup table.
    • A new FollowersId table has been added.
    • There is now better handling when the quota limit is reached on the Follower and Following tables.
  • Mailbox Connector
    • Fixed issue where exceptions requesting table would sometimes crash QVSource due to invalid XML characters in the stack trace.
    • Better checking of nullable values when downloading Imap mails (this could have caused an incomplete download in some instances).
    • The Imap download should no longer fail completely if a single email fails.
    • For Imap, it now handles case where To field is a MailGroup and shows the group name.
  • iTunes Connector
    • BREAKING CHANGES: There have been a number of updates and improvements to this connector which will mean any load scripts using the connector will need to be re-generated. Please see the change log for details.
  • MongoDB Connector
    • Added a new input for Database name (this can also take a comma separated list). This is useful in scenarios where the user does not have permission to enumerate the Database names.
  • General updates

Connectors Removed

  • The Solve360, Freshbooks and FreeAgent Connectors have now been removed, which as far as we are aware were not being used and, as we mentioned in our last blog post, we want to focus our efforts on connectors which are more popular. As before, if you are using these and feel we have made a mistake do get in touch and let us know.

Starter Applications & Examples

In a recent Facebook update comments can have replies against them, which was quickly added to the Facebook Page & Groups Connector. We have now incorporated this into our Facebook Pages Starter QlikView Application. There have also been some other breaking changes to the Facebook API (see above) which we are working on incorporating into the demo application.

The Google Analytics Starter Application has also had a few minor fixes.

Moving Starter/Demo QlikView Applications to GitHub

We have also thought about how we can improve the delivery and maintenance of these Starter/Demo applications to you as it's not always clear what changes we make, so we are starting to trial GitHub as a place to do this. For most users you won't really notice much change in how you get the starter applications, but for those who want to understand the changes and improvements we make, it'll become much more transparent, which we think is a good thing.

You can read a wiki page with more information on how this works here.

New YouTube Analytics Connector

In addition to the YouTube Data Connector where you can get largely public-based data on videos, we now have a YouTube Analytics Connector for those of you that need a much greater insight into your videos.

Try QVSource

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email. You can find upgrade instructions here.

If you are new to QVSource but are a QlikView user interested in getting data from Web APIs into your applications, why not get your free trial of QVSource? It's quick to do and in a few minutes you can get your data into QlikView with one of our starter applications.

If you've already trialled QVSource and would like an extension, please get in touch via support[at]qvsource.com (attaching your current licence file) and we'll happily extend it for you.

New QVSource Release (1.4.4) Available

It's been six weeks since we released and as usual we've been working hard to make QVSource even better to give QlikView users even more power and flexibility in connecting to Web APIs and other data sources.

We are pleased to announce that a new version is now available with quite a few interesting enhancements and also a couple of fixes which may have affected some users:

  • We have fixed a couple of important stability issues:
    • Some users were finding that the connectors were not loaded/showing until the 'Include Beta' checkbox had been toggled at least once.
    • The main settings file was occasionally getting reset and losing, for example, the fact that the EULA had been accepted. This was causing issues especially for server based deployments.
  • We have added a new ListFileRevisions table to the Google Drive Connector.
  • The MongoDB Connector has had some massive performance boosts and can now be queried using JSON.
  • The Twitter Connector Search is no longer limited to a maximum of 15 pages of result (i.e. 15 x 100 = 1500 Tweets).
  • Three new tables (GroupMembers, Files and Events) have been added to the Facebook Pages & Groups Connector. We will be working on support for the new comment replies soon.
  • We have updated the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Connector to use the new API (v201302).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Accounts table has been removed from the Facebook Insights connector (this is dues to removal of this feature from the API itself).
  • A new 'Include Depreciated Connectors' checkbox has been added and deprecated connectors are no longer shown by default.

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email.

Or, if you've never tried QVSource and would like to, then you can get a free trial by completing this form.

If you like what we do with QVSource then we'd really appreciate it if you could take a few moments to either rate us on QlikMarket or recommend us on our LinkedIn page. If you've already done this, then thank you!

Don't forget you can always keep up to date with what we're doing by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

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