New Release Of QVSource (1.4.5) The QlikView API Connector Now Available

We have a new release of QVSource (The QlikView API Connector) available with a lot of small updates, improvements and fixes across a broad range of connectors.

If you are currently using QVSource commercially or evaluating it please read the following, particularly for any connectors you are using, as you will probably want to update your installation.

  • Facebook InsightsWe fixed a major issue with this which was affecting some users when the name of a subvalue field returned from the Facebook API was an empty "" string resulting in an XmlNodeConverter error in QVSource. We have also improved some of the UI labels and messages that are shown in the case where an error does occur.
  • Text Analytics Connector (V2)
    • Fixed an issue which caused this to crash the first time it was shown.
    • Fixed bug with batch sentiment analysis in connection to Repustate.
    • Fixed bug where Sentiment140 language parameter was being ignored.
    • The Random sentiment generator now always returns scores with a decimal point (e.g. 1.5 instead of 1,5) as in countries which use a comma as a decimal this was breaking compatibility with our demo applications.
  • Twitter Connector
    • New TweetLookup table added.
    • New favorite_count column now available for Tweets.
    • New symbols columns added which pulls out a CSV list of any stock symbols in the Tweet (e.g. $QLIK).
    • UserTimeline now returns up to 3200 Tweets.
    • HomeTimeline now returns up to 800 Tweets.
    • The behaviour of the maxCacheAgeInHours parameter has changed - now -1 means cache indefinitely. Set to 0 to not use the cache at all. This is used on the UserLookup and TweetLookup tables.
    • We have fixed an issue with the Grouping column in the template demo application for Twitter.
  • Facebook Fan Page Connector (INCLUDING BREAKING CHANGES)
    • BREAKING CHANGE: Facebook have changed their API which means the comments_count on the FeedItems table is no longer available (we now return 'DEPRECATED - Please use CommentCountForItem Table.' for this column). You can either use the new CommentCountForItem table (see below) or the new has_comments column which has been added to this table.
    • BREAKING CHANGE: The feeditem_id column from the CommentsForItem table has been removed. This is because this table also now works for Comments on Comments and therefore the feeditem_id would actually be a comment id. As this is passed in anyway as a parameter to the table it is not needed here.
    • New CommentCountForItem table added which can be used for any feed item or top level comment id (as comments now also allow replies which are effectively comments on comments).
    • New CommentsAndRepliesForItem table added which lists comments and comment replies in chronological order (including details on the parent comment where applicable).
    • We have added a new Person table. The existing User table can be used with the ID of a person, fan page or any Facebook object and it will attempt to extract as much information as possible. The new Person table can only be used with the object ID of a person and it specifically requests only data which applies to a person, including some data not available in the User table.
    • When requesting things like feed items and comments, the connector now requests data in batches of 100 items instead of 250 which has resolved some bugs certain users were experiencing with the FeedItems table for specific Facebook Fan Pages.
    • Added end_date to Events table.
    • The template demo application has been updated to accommodate the breaking issues above and also now uses V2 of the Text Analyser Connector
  • Google Analytics Connector
    • Fixed issue where Accounts, WebProperties, WebProfiles, Goals and Segments tables would only show up to 1000 rows.
    • Fixed issue with progress bar for Data table.
  • General Web Connector - We have added a feature which converts any JSON element names beginning with a number (e.g. 2013-01-01) to have an N_ prefix (e.g. N_2013-01-01). Previously these elements were causing an error on translating them to XML (which QVSource uses internally). With this fix we have had users able to connect to new APIs including appFigures and App Annie.
  • YouTube Connector
    • Version 1 of this Connector has now been marked as 'Deprecated' and will be removed from QVSource in the near future. Please upgrade to V2 of this Connector. The updates below apply to V2 not V1.
    • Fixed issue with Insights data for Video not working.
    • Improved error messages when Insights data not found or invalid date inputs are made for Insights.
    • Now embeds encrypted refresh token in script when this option is selected.
    • Removed MostViewed table. This has been deprecated by the API and is the same as MostPopular.
  • Klout Connector
    • The Random data generator option for this (used for development purposes to avoid hitting the API) now always returns numbers with a decimal point (e.g. 1.5 instead of 1,5) as in countries which use a comma as a decimal this was breaking compatibility with our demo applications.
  • Google Plus Connector - We have fixed a bug where a change in the API was causing endless looping on some of the tables.
  • Notifier Connector - This contains a new CC input to include email addresses to be copied to.
  • Google Drive Connector - Oops - we accidentally removed this recently from the build by accident. It's back!
  • Removed Connectors
    • We have removed V1 of the Google Analytics and Google Spreadsheets Connectors as these now have V2 versions which should be used in preference. We have run both versions in parallel for a long time and it is time now to sunset the previous versions.
    • We have removed the following connectors - as far as we are aware these are not being used and we want to focus our efforts on connectors which are more popular. Please note, if you are using these and feel we have made a mistake do get in touch and let us know.
      • Viadeo
      • InfoChimps
      • Factual
      • World Bank
      • Omniture (note: We have heard of users using a built in Omniture feature to export report data to an FTP location and access this natively from QlikView so it is not clear that a connector to the API is necassary).

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email.

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New QVSource Release (1.4.4) Available

It's been six weeks since we released and as usual we've been working hard to make QVSource even better to give QlikView users even more power and flexibility in connecting to Web APIs and other data sources.

We are pleased to announce that a new version is now available with quite a few interesting enhancements and also a couple of fixes which may have affected some users:

  • We have fixed a couple of important stability issues:
    • Some users were finding that the connectors were not loaded/showing until the 'Include Beta' checkbox had been toggled at least once.
    • The main settings file was occasionally getting reset and losing, for example, the fact that the EULA had been accepted. This was causing issues especially for server based deployments.
  • We have added a new ListFileRevisions table to the Google Drive Connector.
  • The MongoDB Connector has had some massive performance boosts and can now be queried using JSON.
  • The Twitter Connector Search is no longer limited to a maximum of 15 pages of result (i.e. 15 x 100 = 1500 Tweets).
  • Three new tables (GroupMembers, Files and Events) have been added to the Facebook Pages & Groups Connector. We will be working on support for the new comment replies soon.
  • We have updated the DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) Connector to use the new API (v201302).
  • BREAKING CHANGE: The Accounts table has been removed from the Facebook Insights connector (this is dues to removal of this feature from the API itself).
  • A new 'Include Depreciated Connectors' checkbox has been added and deprecated connectors are no longer shown by default.

If you are a customer or trialling QVSource and would like to get these enhancements as well as some other general bug fixes and performance improvements, simply go to the download link that you would have received in your QVSource download email.

Or, if you've never tried QVSource and would like to, then you can get a free trial by completing this form.

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Major New Official QVSource Release (1.4.2) Now Available for QlikView

We just published our latest official QVSource release (1.4.2) and it was a big one - in addition to the usual updates and improvements to the connectors we have also added a number of stability, performance and logging enhancements which should be of interest to enterprise users of QlikView.

If you are currently evaluating QVSource and especially if you are a commercial user we would strongly recommend you read this post as it almost certainly contains information which will affect you.

Much of this information was also discussed in our recent blog posts here, here, here and here, but there are also some new updates specific to this latest build.

Last Beta Version Of Certain Connectors

We are planning to take the following Connectors out of beta in the next official build of QVSource (probably in about 6 - 8 weeks time). This is particularly important to commercial users of QVSource who might currently be using these as when they are taken out of beta you will need a commercial licence to continue to use them:

Deprecated Connectors

This will be the last official build of QVSource which contains V1 of the Google Spreadsheet and Google Analytics connectors. Both of these have now been superseded by much improved 'V2' versions which we would recommend you migrate to.

Synchronous, Asynchronous and Batch Request Modes Added

This is a significant new capability in QVSource which was explained in detail in the previous blog post and so will not be covered again here. This update has the potential to give major performance improvements and also change and improve the way QVSource related QlikView script is constructed.

One thing to note is that we have now removed the previous mechanism for running asynchronous requests as the new functionality improves and supersedes this.

QVSource Windows Service

QVSource now has a dedicated Windows Service available and documented here. We have always had a well documented and stable way of configuring QVSource to run on a server environment however the new Windows Service represents an improvement over this technique and in time will likely become the recommended and only supported method.

Related to this, we have also now made it so if QVSource is running in server mode you can run QVSource desktop in order to manage connector and other settings without having to then restart the QVSource server instance for changes to be picked up.

First Version Of New Twitter Connector (V2)

This build has the first version of the new Twitter Connector V2 in which also illustrates the new UI style we are working towards as discussed here. Unfortunately Twitter will start shutting down version 1.0 of their API in early march so all users should start upgrading to this new version ASAP.

First Version of New Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector (V2)

This build has the first version of the new Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector in. This also illustrates the new UI style we are working towards as discussed here. We would also recommend users start working with this new version and reporting any issues as it will soon replace V1 of this Connector.

Checking the Status of QVSource

It has always been possible to browse to http://localhost:5555/QVSource to get a html page with various pieces of information about QVSource (e.g. the licence state, version, which Connectors were running). We have now tidied this up and added additional information. More importantly, we have added a new XML option at http://localhost:5555/QVSource?format=xml which allows you to check the exact QVSource status from your QlikView load script as explained here.

Log File & Error Page Updates

QVSource now has a much more structured XML file format with additional information added. As before, logging needs to be enabled for these to be generated as explained here. It should now be possible to load these files into QlikView directly for structured reporting.

Related to this, the HTML error page which QVSource sends back has also been enhanced and tidied.

appID Load Script Parameter

QVSource now adds an appID= parameter to the generated QlikView load script. We recommend setting a variable at the start of your load script, e.g.:

let vQVSourceAppId = 'my_app_identifier';

And then adding this variable to all of your QVSource requests, e.g:


This provides an identifier to QVSource to be used in error logging and tracing. This is explained in more detail here.

Note that in a recent 'nightly build' we actually generated the full appID=$(vQVSourceAppId) in the QVSource generated load script. Unfortunately it was pointed out that this actually breaks the QlikView 'Web File' Wizard (used for example in the General XML/JSON Connector and certain tables in other Connectors) - so now we just include an empty appID= parameter in the URL leaving it to the user to insert a value or variable in the final QlikView script as recommended above. This isn't mandatory or required and it can be left blank.

Other Connector Changes & Updates

  • The Google AdSense Connector for QlikView has been upgraded to use the latest API (version 1.2).
  • The Google Analytics Connector For QlikView has had a number of minor tweaks and fixes. These are only likely to affect you if you were using the MaxNumberOfPages parameter (i.e. not bringing back all the data for a particular query url).
  • Empty \Temp folder has been added to the distribution - this is currently the recommended location to store the parameters CSV files used by the new processParams[Sync|Async|Batch] feature.
  • The General JSON/XML API Connector now has a better preview of XML and HTML and also a new checkbox to encrypt the request URL before including in your QlikView script to help secure any sensitive credentials it might contain.
  • The Facebook Fan Pages and Insights Connectors now have buttons to 'Deauthorise' the Connectors (i.e. detach them from your Facebook account).
  • The Facebook Fan Pages Connector has a new QuestionVotes table listing the users who selected each option.
  • The Klout Connector has been tweaked to work more efficiently with the new new async feature. Note that the Klout V1 Connector for QlikView has been removed from QVSource.
  • The FreeAgent Connector has two new tables related to the Trial Balance. We have also removed V1 of this connector and recommend upgrading to the latest V2 version.
  • The first version of the Google DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) Connector is now included. We hope to add more functionality to this soon. Please get in touch if you are interested.
  • The Semiocast Connector for QlikView now supports new languages and has some performance improvements.
  • We have upgraded the MongoDB Connector for QlikView to use the latest c# driver and also fixed a couple of minor issues.

All these recent features further enhance the speed and ease at which you can load your QlikView applications with data from a large number of web APIs.

We hope you like the updates and we are looking forward to continuing to innovate and improve QVSource - The QlikView API Connector in 2013!

New QVSource Nightly Build ( Available

We have just pushed out a new nightly build of QVSource which has all of the updates noted here plus the following:

All these recent features further enhance the speed and ease at which you can load your QlikView applications with data from a large number of web APIs. We expect this will be the basis of the new official release coming in the next two weeks.

QVSource 1.4.0 Released

The end of November marked QVSource's 1st anniversary of being officially released. It's been a fantastic year for the product, which has seen it grow and mature. The enthusiasm for from you, the QlikView community, has been amazing and helped us quickly become the #1 rated product on QlikMarket.

It's been a little while since we released anything new because we're working on the next major release, which will see an increased focus on usability and performance (we have already started talking about these here on this blog). But we thought that we'd get out a release before the Christmas break, which brings in a number of enhancements, new connectors and important fixes - please note if you're a user of the Facebook Pages Connector, then there's a very important fix for you.

Another thing we'd like to highlight is that if you're still using our Klout V1 Connector, please read on as you need to switch to our newer Klout Connector as soon as possible.

Important Facebook Pages & Groups Connector Fix!

As mentioned above there's an important fix for users of the Facebook Pages & Groups Connector - a very recent change in the Facebook API  has meant that the User and Page tables weren't working any more. Since these 2 tables are commonly used, this is likely to have an impact on most users of this connector, so we strongly recommend that you install the latest version of QVSource as soon as possible which will fix the issue.

New Connectors

  • We have the first release of a new Google+ Connector!
  • We have the first release of a brand new Boardreader Connector, which enables you to read data from message boards, online user forums, blogs, review sites and much more!
  • After a short absence, we've added the Google Calendar Connector back.
  • Although it isn't a new connector we've added some cool new features to the Notifier Connector, which have added a new dimension to it. You can now send up to 5 email attachments with your messages, so this could be log files or csv files that have been created during the script running. You can also delay sending the email by up to two minutes, which means you could even email the QlikView application itself after it's fully reloaded. We think this could be really useful!

Other Connector Updates

We also have a number of other exciting updates.

  • Klout are shutting off access to their old API at the end of this year. So, this will be the last version of QVSource that includes the Klout V1 Connector. You should migrate to the newer Klout Connector as soon as possible - this will require you to regenerate your Klout based scripts.
  • We've renamed the Facebook Pages Connector to Facebook Pages & Groups Connector, this is to make it more obvious that you can get Group pages too. We have also added some new tables to this connector.
  • The CheckAccessToken table in both the Facebook Insights and Facebook Pages & Groups Connector has a breaking change to the columns returned.
  • Users of the HelloPeter Connector will need to upgrade, because the API end point was moved by HelloPeter.
  • There was an issue with the iTunes Connect Connector where some reports couldn't be uncompressed. This has now been fixed, although you need to have 7Zip installed.
  • The Semiocast Connector now supports basic sentiment analysis in Arabic, English, French, Italian and Spanish without first providing a training model. This means that it can be used in a similar way to our other Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector - in fact we plan to merge it into the same Connector in a future release. (Note however that a trained model will give better results).
  • We have made various improvements and fixes to the AlchemyAPI and Saplo Connectivity in the Sentiment Analysis and Text Analytics Connector and would recommend regenerating your load scripts if you are using these and checking the column structure.
  • We have added a new table to the LinkedIn Connector which allows you to run any LinkedIn API REST query. This does mean you will need to spend some time understanding their API but should allow data to be extracted which isn't covered by the other tables in the Connector.

General Updates

As usual there have been a number of core performance improvements which should benefit all users and all connectors.

Staying Up To Date

Don't forget, we have altered our wiki so that new accounts are automatically activated via email and we have activated all users who have previously attempted to create an account. We recommend you use the wiki (instructions here) to receive automatic alerts when connectors, features and demo apps you are interested in are updated.

Download Version 1.4.0

If you're new to QVSource and would like to download a free trial, you can sign up here.

If you've already registered for QVSource and you trial licence has expired but you would like to give it another go, just email us a copy of your licence file and we will get you set back up again!

Facebook Health Checker Template Application for QlikView Updated

We have just given our template application for Facebook social media analysis in QlikView a review and overhaul, making a number of improvements and fixes.

You can see a live version of this application on our website here:

Where we are running daily reloads of Facebook data for three of the top browsers as an example. But QVSource users can reload this with data from any Facebook Fan Pages or Groups.

So for example if you are a QlikView user with responsibility for your social media strategy you could use this dashboard to monitor data for your brand and those of your top competitors, comparing engagement, sentiment and large number of other metrics which the data model makes available.

It really is that easy - a small config file allows you to specify the Facebook Fan Pages you would like to load data for, as well as a number of other settings including how far you would like to go back in time, which sentiment API(s) you would like to use etc. The application is then designed to be reloaded as often as you like (we often use daily reloads), intelligently accumulating new data into QVDs and providing a rich data model from which to base your own KPIs and dashboards.

(BTW - We also have similar applications for Twitter, Google Analytics, YouTube and a number of other APIs on our wiki).

One of the main changes to this version is the ability to load sentiment and user info asynchronously which can give big performance boosts - we also plan to allow this for posts and comments in the next version as well.

The list of updates and changes are found in the first tab of the load script and also copied below:
* Option added in config to load sentiment asynchronously for better performance (vAsyncSentiment).
* Option added in config to load user info asynchronously for better performance (vLoadPostersAndCommenterInfoAsync).
* Sentiment now only loaded when status = 'OK'.
* Commenter_name not Commenter_username now used in AllUsers data set which fixes an issue where the name for some commenters was empty (when loaded from QVDs).
* AllUsers_language and AllUsers_country added (parsed from locale) (when loaded from QVDs).
* Added Page_loaddate_Month to FB_Page (when loaded from QVDs).
* Comments Per Post vs Date no longer accumulative.
* Likes Per Post vs Date no longer accumulative.
* Removed print and export to Excel icons on charts.
* Added country and language charts for All Users.
* Fixed Sentiment Vs Gender Chart.
* Fixed error in summary count of posts and comments on intro tab.
* Various UI rearrangements and improvements on all tabs and many charts.

QVSource allows QlikView users to connect to literally hundreds of APIs quickly and easily - this application uses the Facebook Fan Pages & Groups Connector and the Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector. You can grab a free fully functional evaluation of QVSource on our website.

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