Will Big Data Analytics Change The Competitive Landscape In The Next Year?

An interesting tweet caught my eye recently, but it’s taken me a little while to finally put pen to paper

It was a Qlik tweet that read “84% Of Enterprises See #BigData #Analytics Changing Their Competitive Landscapes In The Next Year: http://onforb.es/1FSCcDe via @forbes”.

The reason that this was of particular interest to me, is that this tweet hit on two things that are very dear to us: 1) data and 2) analytics. 

It’s very simple. There’s a HUGE amount of data out there that holds really important information on your business, and your company’s performance would benefit from accessing and understanding it.

The QVSource team believes that the more data we can help our customers gain access to, the more comprehensive their analytics will be, and the better their decision making will be, and the more successful they will become.

And it’s reassuring to read that 84% of enterprises agree with us. It’s certainly substantiated in the speed at which new customers and partners are buying into the concept of the QVSource data connectors. We are seeing an unprecedented number of organisations, from all industries and all corners of the globe, seeking access to new data sources via the QVSource connectors. QVSource helps companies mine data from a growing number (30+) of online data sources, and pumps vast amounts of new data into Qlik's Business Discovery solutions, in near real-time, ready for analysis. Our technology is changing the speed at which companies are able to react to data analysis, making decisions based on a larger and more comprehensive set of data more quickly than ever before.

Another statistic that was cited in the study was that “89% believe that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum.” We agree! Data analysis gives companies an understanding of their business performance that leads to intelligent decisions being made, based on factual evidence. This is their competitive edge. Companies that don’t have that strategic insight, comprehensive understanding, and 360 degree view of their business, will have no chance of succeeding in an increasingly ruthless marketplace.

Finally, at the end of the report is an interesting chart asking companies to rank the challenges to implement Big Data. In our opinion these challenges are the same if you’re looking at any kind of new data to include in your analytics, whether it’s defined as Big Data or not. 29% of respondents rated as one of their top 3 challenges, (13% said it was their main challenge) the “consolidation of disparate data and being able to use the resulting data store are difficult”. QVSource is ideally suited to reduce this risk as it reaches out to various platforms and presents it as a single point of call to QlikView or Qlik Sense in a consistent, timely manner. Similarly, QVSource can help reduce the pain point for the 20% who rated as one of their top 3 challenges, “Reliance on multiple vendors-no integrated solutions”, as it integrates nicely into QlikView and Qlik Sense.

We're proud that QVSource is one of the technology companies that are fuelling this revolution. So if you want to get a more complete view of your business in Qlik, by drawing new data sets in from online sources, to make strategic business decisions in real-time based on fact, then come and talk to us. 

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