Loading Qonnections 2015 Instagram Posts Into Qlik Sense (Or QlikView)

In this post we will demonstrate using the new Web Edition of QVSource to load data from Instagram into Qlik Sense Desktop.

The QVSource Web Edition is currently in private beta but should be available for general (beta) download in June 2015. We are also currently hosting an invite only cloud hosted instance of QVSource Web Edition which a number of users are already testing out the new version with. If you would like to be considered for access to this please fill out this form.

NOTE: You can also try this out using the current QVSource Desktop Edition. Whichever version of QVSource you are using, when using Qlik Sense just remember that at present you will first need to make this minor config change in order to allow load requests from arbitrary URLs.

First of all we fire up QVSource and open the Instagram connector. We ensure we are authenticated with Instagram and then select the SearchForTags table and enter ‘qonnections’ in the Tag field. There are (at time of writing) 303 results for ‘qonnections’:

We can see that there are a few Instagram tags being used in relation to Qonnections, the most popular one being simply 'qonnections'. We can now go to the MediaByTag table and make sure that this tag name is entered as the tag to find Instagrams for and then run the table.

We then select the Qlik Sense tab and copy the script to the clipboard:

Now we fire up Qlik Sense Desktop, create a new app and open the data load editor:

We paste in the script, and click load data:

And run the reload:

Note that we do not necessarily get back as many results as suggested in the earlier table as the SearchForTags table above shows counts including images which are private or might have subsequently been deleted.

We then return to the app overview and create a new sheet:

We edit the sheet and drag a bar chart in:

Then add the dimension username:

...and a measure of count(id):

We then limit to the top 10:

...and complete the edit, giving us the top 10 posters:

We now create a new sheet and add a table with dimensions for user name and link; and a measure for sum(likes count):

We can then sort by likes (descending) to see the most liked posts and poster:

We click ‘done’ to view the results:

Now we create a new sheet and add a bar chart with create time (utc qlik date) as dimension and count(id) as measure. This can be sorted by the dimension (date) first and saved, showing the peaks in posting media around the annual Qonnections conference:

This demonstrates just how easy it is to pull data from instagram and quickly extract meaningful patterns and trends. This is just a simple example, in a real world example we might want to write QlikView/Qlik Sense load script to loop through a number of different tags which were used during the event. We could also extract a great deal more data such as comments and likes using the many other tables which the connector supports.

You will find a more complete example for QlikView over on our GitHub Page - note that although this is for QlikView the load script should also work fine in Qlik Sense giving you the same data model to build your user interface on top of.

You can request a fully functional free trial of QVSource from our and try out the 35+ Connectors it supports with QlikView or Qlik Sense.

Presenting QVSource at Qonnections 2015

Catch Up with Industrial CodeBox at Qonnections 2015!

Greetings from Dallas, and the first day of the Qlik partner conference, Qonnections

For those of you attending, I wanted to give you a quick heads-up that Industrial CodeBox has been invited to present QVSource in a couple of conference sessions:

Strategic Alliances - Going to market with Qlik solutions - Part 2 of 2 (After Donald Farmer's Unplugged Session)

Monday April 27th, 4.20pm – 5.20pm, sapphire

In this session, Qlik Technology Partners will present their value to Qlik Systems Integrators

Meet up: Smart Partnering Engagement - Part 1 of 2

Tuesday April 28th, 4.20pm – 5.20pm, Grand Ballroom DE

Working with other Qlik partners through smart partnering can help you grow your business, increase your revenues and become a trusted advisor to your customers. By partnering with other Qlik partners, you can extend your solution & service capabilities, expand your geographical reach, share leads between partners, drive knowledge transfer and learn from each other to help you stand apart to better serve your customers. We know that Qlik partners are more successful when they come together to accomplish more. This is Qonnection’s first partner mixer event aimed at pairing various partners with complementary business skills to help accelerate business into new solution and services areas.

Meet up: Smart Partnering Engagement – Part 2 of 2

Tuesday April 28th, 5.30pm – 6.30pm, Grand Ballroom DE

The smart partnering event has a limited number of spots where you can partner for mutual success. Please reserve your seat early to exchange experiences and ideas leveraging each other’s capabilities across various business stacks. Please ensure that you are registered to attend part one at 15.20.

It' only the first morning and we've already met a number of partners, where we've given them a sneak preview of the new QVSource Browser Edition, which they're excited about.

We are keen to meet our partners at Qonnections this week, so if you haven’t booked a meeting with us yet, please email marketing@industrialcodebox.com to book a time.

QVSource 1.6.0 Now Available

We have just released version 1.6.0 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector.

This blog posts outlines the main changes. As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • We have a new connector to JIRA (hosted or locally run). Currently there are only a couple of tables, one to retrieve all issues and another to make and custom REST API request but we will add to this in the next release - please let us know what features/data you need so we can make sure you are covered.

Updated Connectors

  • IMPORTANT/BREAKING CHANGE: We have removed the MyAccounts and Messages tables (as we do not believe they are being used and would now require us getting approval from Facebook to continue using) as well as the FriendsWhoUseThisApp table which we also believe is not useful from the Facebook Fan Pages Connector.
  • V3 of the Facebook Insights Connector has been added (and V2 removed). All requests to FacebookInsightsConnectorV2 will now be automatically routed to FacebookInsightsConnectorV3 (although we would still recommend making the same change in all your load scripts to avoid confusion). BREAKING CHANGE: Unfortunately, Facebook have now changed their Insights API and application insights are no longer available in this version of the connector although we hope to resolve this soon.
  • We have a new V2 of the Salesforce Connector. This replicates the functionality of the previous version and also has additional Insert and Update tables which allow you to write data back to Salesforce from your QlikView or Qlik Sense load scripts.
  • The MongoDB Connector now scans all items in the MongoDB Collection in order to establish all possible columns before generating the table for QlikView/Qlik Sense.
  • A new TableSchema table has been added to the Google BigQuery Connector.
  • The SugarCRM Connector has new max results and order by inputs which makes it much easier to get just the data you need. We hope to add a filter input to this connector also soon.
  • The Klout Connector now makes all API calls over HTTPS instead of HTTP.
  • The Adobe Analytics (Omniture) Connector has a fix in to avoid having duplicate column names in the result tables.

Deprecated Connectors

The following connectors have been deprecated and will likely be removed from the product in a future version.

  • The DFA Connector (which was still in beta) has been deprecated as it uses an API which Google are now removing later in the year. Please contact us if you would like us to consider redeveloping this connector to use the latest DFA API.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

QVSource Survey 2015 - The Results Are In!

With the arrival of the web-based version of QVSource just around the corner, what better way to start 2015 than to invite feedback from our customers and partners?

We asked our growing base customers and partners to give us their thoughts and experiences on working with us as a company and using QVSource. We’d like to thank everyone who took the time to respond to the survey; we got a lot of feedback and some really useful suggestions that we have taken on board and will be working into our planning for 2015 and future product roadmap.

Some of the headlines that we took from our survey is that 100% of partners and customer would recommend QVSource, with a ROI in excess of 200%!

Here is a snapshot of the data gathered.

Qlik Sense

We already have customers that are using QVSource with Qlik Sense, and we were pleased to see that 63% of customers are already evaluating Qlik Sense, and 92% of partners are pitching it to customers. This is really exciting for us as the new web-based version of QVSource gives a consistent user-experience with Qlik Sense.

Who uses QVSource?

We wanted to find out which departments use QVSource the most. From the feedback we received, it would seem that our customers mostly use QVSource in the business analytics team (73%) and the marketing team (55%). Partners believe that customers’ marketing teams are the highest users of QVSource (80%), with business analytics teams in second place (48%). Customers and partners both agreed that more than 20% of sales teams, IT teams, and product teams use QVSource.

As we thought, QVSource is clearly driving a new, wider audience of Qlik users within organisations such as with marketing teams and also strengthening its position within business analytics teams.

How quick is it to get QVSource up and running?

We asked how long it took to get QVSource connectors into production and successfully feeding data into QlikView or Qlik Sense applications. 91% of customer responders are up and running with QVSource in less than a week and 64% in less than a day. 92% of partner responders have their customers up and running in less than a week, with 68% in less than a day.

As with working with any data sources, one of the challenges is being able to satisfy the more complicated report requirements, but its great to see that such a large proportion of our customers get up and running so quickly. Further, given the complexity of APIs, these figures show that QVSource allows application developers to focus on the data models and dashboard designs, which are their strengths, and avoid burning time trying to understand the technicalities of APIs and keeping up with changes. To back this up, we’ve a great case study from Future Publishing, a publishing house that uses a number of QVSource connectors and quickly created enterprise-wide QVSource-based dashboards for their 150+ internal and external brands.

Delivering value

As our customers and partners have suggested in our various case studies, we strongly believe that our technology saves companies time and money, as our connectors’ simplicity, automation and repeatability features make business processes so much quicker. But did our customers and partners in the survey agree? We were pleased to see that 81% of customer responders receive value from QVSource connectors within the first week; 45% within the first day. 80% of partner responders say their customers receive value from QVSource within 1 week; 32% in the same day.

72% of customer responders and 80% of partner responders save at least one working day per week by using QVSource connectors. 40% of partners save 2 days or more.

We encouraged our customers and partners to put a dollar value on these savings, and using this information we calculated the ROI, which was in excess of 200%, with some responders saving in excess of $50,000, which we’re really pleased to see.

These results show that there’s a real ROI in both time and cost savings for our customers.

In terms of non-tangible benefits, customers believe the most important value that QVSource brings are that it presents web-based data in a central dashboard, removing the need to extract data from multiple platforms, and that it saves time. The most important values for partners are that it adds a new dimension to their customers’ business intelligence, and also that it saves time.

Loyalty to Qlik and QVSource

We were absolutely delighted to learn that 100% of all customer and partners responders would recommend QVSource to another company.

60% of partner responders believe that QVSource helps keeps customers loyal to Qlik.

QVSource Support

100% of customer responders rate QVSource Support as 7/10 or higher; 82% as 9/10 or higher. 95% of partner responders rate QVSource Support as 7/10 or higher; 70% as 9/10 or higher.

We make a lot of effort to ensure that we provide a great level of support, so it’s nice to see these stats, which reflect the 75+ comments over at QlikMarket. Of course, even though these figures are great, there’s still room for improvement.

91% of customer responders and 80% of partner responders rate getting started with QVSource as 7/10 or above. In designing the new version of QVSource, we’re working hard to improve the usability and accessibility of QVSource.

General comments

We won’t tell you that one customer admitted that he is “secretly in love” with us - that would be embarrassing. However here are some lovely comments that we received as part of the exercise:

“Easy to use interface and API connectors that should quickly bring ROI to customers. “It's all been really positive...“ “Your support is awesome and your product is second to none”


We found this exercise enlightening, as there is no better way to keep your company on track than to receive and respond to candid feedback from your user base.

We appreciate the loyalty we get from our customers and partners, and we are pleased that on the whole QVSource is considered to add value to day-to-day business and make processes better.

We recognise there is a huge amount to achieve in 2015, as we bring the new browser-based version of QVSource to market, so we will continue to poll our user base, to ensure that we meet their high expectations in terms of product quality and efficacy.

Once again, thanks to everyone who took part.

QVSource 1.5.9 Now Available

We have just released version 1.5.9 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector.

This blog posts outlines the main changes. As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • We have a new connector to OneDrive.
  • We have a new connector to the Restricted Party Screening Service. This service helps companies companies ensure transactions are not directly or indirectly associated with individuals, entities or locations on ever-changing restricted party or embargoed country lists, also known as interdiction lists.
  • We have a new connector to Xero, the online accounting solution. Note that currently authentication with this connector only lasts for 30 minutes, please let us know if you find this connector useful and we will develop it further to add new data tables and long lived authentication.

Connectors Taken Out Of Beta

Updated Connectors

  • IMPORTANT/BREAKING CHANGE: We have upgraded the Repustate part of the Text Analytics Connector to use V3 of the Repustate API. Unfortunately Repustate did not give too much time for this change. The Adjectives, Nouns and Verbs tables have been removed - please use the new PartsOfSpeech table. Also, the Topics input now mandatory (SentimentByTopic table).
  • ImapMessageGetAttachmentAsText and ImapMessageGetAttachmentAsBinary tables have been added to the MailBox Connector and a number of minor bugs have been fixed.
  • Added new CustomDimensions and CustomMetrics tables to the Google Analytics Connector.
  • New "Flatten Hierarchies" check box to JsonToTable and RawXmlToTable tables (only used when XPATH supplied) which attempts to flatten out any nested hierarchies in XML./JSON data in the General Web Connector.

Deprecated Connectors

The following connectors have been deprecated and will likely be removed from the product in a future version.

  • Twingly (this will be removed in May 2015).

Removed Connectors

The following connectors have been removed from the product (note that some of them have new replacements).

  • LinkedIn. Their API terms have been changed significantly and we are no longer able to work within them.
  • HEIDI.
  • bitly (V1) - this has now been replaced by V2.
  • PeerIndex.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

QVSource 1.5.7 Now Available

We have just released version 1.5.7 of QVSource - The QlikView & Qlik Sense API Connector. This blog posts outlines the main changes.

As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

New Connectors

  • Adobe Analytics - We have a new connector to Adobe Analytics - this will replace and supercede the Omniture connector which is now deprecated and will be removed in a few months. You will need to regenerate your load scripts using this new connector. This is quite a complex connector and the docs are not well developed yet so please contact us if you are having any issues using it.
  • YouTube Data (V3) - This replaces V2 of the connector which utilises V2 of the YouTube Data API which is being retired in a few months. This new version of the connector utilises V3 of the YouTube Data API. Unfortunately the new API is quite different from the previous version so we have been unable to avoid breaking changes and we would recommend you regenerate your load scripts in QVSource and adjust your QlikView/Qlik Sense application load scripts accordingly. IMPORTANT: The YouTube Data API V2 will stop working on 20th April 2015 and therefore so will our YouTube Data Connector V2 so please upgrade to this new version as soon as possible.
  • Instagram - We have a brand new connector to Instagram!
  • Box - We have a brand new connector to Box! This complements the connectors already available for Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP/SFTP sites.
  • bitly - We have a brand new V2 connector to bitly which replaces V1.

Connector Updates/Fixes

  • Google DFP - We have upgraded this to use v201411 of the API from v201405 (see change log here). We have also added new PQL and PQLAsXml tables to run PQL queries.
  • Google Drive - We have added some retry logic to the UpdateGoogleSpreadsheet table as very occasionally this fails the first time.
  • MongoDB - Now supports including array indexes in sub key document path, for example you should be able to enter '/subkey1/subkey2[3]/subkey3'
  • Twitter - Fixed a bug in the paging of the FollowerIDs and FriendIDs tables.
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector - Russian has been added as a new supported language for the Repustate API.
  • Google BigQuery - We have fixed a couple of timeout bugs with this connector and also an issue which meant it only returned a maximum of 100,000 rows.
  • General JSON/XML/SOAP Web Connector - This now allows the timeout to be set as well as a retry to be configured if the first request fails.
  • MailBox Connector -This no longer marks emails as 'READ' when it accesses them.

Removed Connectors

The following connectors have been removed from QVSource as they have been replaced or superceded by newer versions:

  • MailChimp V1 (please use the new version).
  • YouTube V1 (please use the new V3 version discussed above. V2 will still be available until April 2015 but please do not use it for any new applications).
  • Facebook Fan Pages & Groups V1 (please use the new version).
  • Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Connector V1 (please use the new version).
  • Facebook Personal - This has been removed due to limited business use and also because of changes to Facebook's API which means it could no longer support the desired functionality.

Deprecated Connectors

The following connectors have been deprecated and are planned for removal from the product, either due to lack of interest or because they have been superceded by new and improved versions.

File Build Up Bug (Not QVSource Related)

A couple of users have mentioned a very large build up of temporary internet files on their machines (..\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5) during QlikView reloads - the directory varies slightly depending on the version of QlikView being used (e.g. desktop vs publisher/server).

We would just like to note that these are not created by QVSource (which does not write files here) - Qlik have reproduced this issue and provided a bug ID and we hope it will be resolved in a future QlikView release.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

QVSource - Three Years Old Today!

Today we are delighted to be entering our fourth year of commercial availability of QVSource and continuing to delight our customers by enhancing and extending what is possible with QlikView, and now Qlik Sense!

We would like to thank all of our customers and partners and we look forward to another year of exciting developments - in partiular the new browser based version of QVSource!

If you like what we are doing, please take a minute to rate us on Qlik Market:

Will Big Data Analytics Change The Competitive Landscape In The Next Year?

An interesting tweet caught my eye recently, but it’s taken me a little while to finally put pen to paper

It was a Qlik tweet that read “84% Of Enterprises See #BigData #Analytics Changing Their Competitive Landscapes In The Next Year: http://onforb.es/1FSCcDe via @forbes”.

The reason that this was of particular interest to me, is that this tweet hit on two things that are very dear to us: 1) data and 2) analytics. 

It’s very simple. There’s a HUGE amount of data out there that holds really important information on your business, and your company’s performance would benefit from accessing and understanding it.

The QVSource team believes that the more data we can help our customers gain access to, the more comprehensive their analytics will be, and the better their decision making will be, and the more successful they will become.

And it’s reassuring to read that 84% of enterprises agree with us. It’s certainly substantiated in the speed at which new customers and partners are buying into the concept of the QVSource data connectors. We are seeing an unprecedented number of organisations, from all industries and all corners of the globe, seeking access to new data sources via the QVSource connectors. QVSource helps companies mine data from a growing number (30+) of online data sources, and pumps vast amounts of new data into Qlik's Business Discovery solutions, in near real-time, ready for analysis. Our technology is changing the speed at which companies are able to react to data analysis, making decisions based on a larger and more comprehensive set of data more quickly than ever before.

Another statistic that was cited in the study was that “89% believe that companies that do not adopt a Big Data analytics strategy in the next year risk losing market share and momentum.” We agree! Data analysis gives companies an understanding of their business performance that leads to intelligent decisions being made, based on factual evidence. This is their competitive edge. Companies that don’t have that strategic insight, comprehensive understanding, and 360 degree view of their business, will have no chance of succeeding in an increasingly ruthless marketplace.

Finally, at the end of the report is an interesting chart asking companies to rank the challenges to implement Big Data. In our opinion these challenges are the same if you’re looking at any kind of new data to include in your analytics, whether it’s defined as Big Data or not. 29% of respondents rated as one of their top 3 challenges, (13% said it was their main challenge) the “consolidation of disparate data and being able to use the resulting data store are difficult”. QVSource is ideally suited to reduce this risk as it reaches out to various platforms and presents it as a single point of call to QlikView or Qlik Sense in a consistent, timely manner. Similarly, QVSource can help reduce the pain point for the 20% who rated as one of their top 3 challenges, “Reliance on multiple vendors-no integrated solutions”, as it integrates nicely into QlikView and Qlik Sense.

We're proud that QVSource is one of the technology companies that are fuelling this revolution. So if you want to get a more complete view of your business in Qlik, by drawing new data sets in from online sources, to make strategic business decisions in real-time based on fact, then come and talk to us. 

3 Videos that are Worth Watching

We wanted to draw your attention to some QVSource video demonstrations that have been independently recorded and posted to YouTube by social media expert, Fahran Qureshi.

Fahran, who takes an avid interest in web analytics, has put together 3 video tutorials with the overarching theme of getting a deeper insight into – and a better understanding of - your Twitter feed, using the QlikView and QVSource business intelligence tools in tandem.

(Note that the application showed in these posts can be downloaded from the QVSource GitHub Page).

  1. In the first 10-minute tutorial, “How to gain insight from Twitter using QlikView”, Fahran demonstrates how to use QlikView to understand the conversations taking place on Twitter, based on any criteria that you choose. In the demo, the tool he uses to carry out the Twitter analysis is our very own QVSource Twitter Connector, showing how to use it and how to set it up.
    • - Read the 1st tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.
  2. In Part 2, entitled “How to use QlikView to analyse Twitter conversations”, Fahran again uses the QVSource Twitter Connector to analyse the conversation on Twitter, cutting through the noise on Twitter to uncover the valuable conversations taking place, and showing how to customise the QVSource Connector to select Twitter accounts, hashtags and other Twitter search parameters.
    • - Read the 2nd tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.
  3. Part 3 is called “Gain even more insight into Twitter conversations using QlikView and QVSource”. In this final session, Fahran shows how QVSource takes the whole process of gathering business intelligence on your organisation’s Twitter performance to the next level. In this video, Fahran compares the Twitter feeds of two competing companies, changing the parameters in real-time, to demonstrate the agility and flexibility of the QVSource Connector. Fahran is able to instantaneously compare the number of tweets and retweets, and who fares better in response times, sentiment analysis, and audience growth.
    • - Read the 3rd tutorial blog here.
    • - Watch the tutorial here.

It’s really heartening to receive such a positive independent review of our technology, from a completely impartial blogger. We'd like to thank Fahran for taking the time to record the videos, and share his thoughts on one of our connectors. We found his insight really valuable, and we are sure you will too. We have over 30 connectors in our portfolio, all designed to improve web analytics (Fahran’s specialist subject!) so maybe we’ll see him again sometime!

Urgent Fix for Twitter and Facebook Plus v1.5.6 is Now Available

We've just released v1.5.6.1 of QVSource - the QlikView and Qlik Sense API connector, which is possibly one of our most important releases as it contains a critical fix for the SSL3 issue that arose yesterday and affects all our Twitter and Facebook users. As always we strive to give the best support we can and within a few hours of the issue being identified we had a fix available. You can read more about the issue in the post that we made this morning.

Due to the nature of the issue, this may also affect other connectors, so we recommend that everyone update to the new version as soon as possible.

In addition to this fix, we also have a number of general improvements, some of the notable ones being...

Twitter Connector

  • Twitter have dropped support for SSL3 connections, which QVSource now reflects (see above).
  • The Followers and Following tables now return up to 3,000 results.
  • A max_id parameter has been added to Mentions, UserTimeline HomeTimeline, DirectMessagesReceived and DirectMessagesSent tables. The Favorite table also has this as well as a since_id parameter added

General Web Connector

  • Many tables now have a checkbox to remove invalid characters.
  • Any @ symbol occurrences in JSON key names are now handled better when converting to XML where it is normally invalid.

MongoDB Connector

  • If server value begins with mongodb:// it will now be used as a standard connection string (i.e. port, username/password and database inputs will be ignored). This allows more flexibility in connection options.
  • We have fixed bug where document fields seen in a given batch of documents are not properly remembered on subsequent batches which can break QlikView load.

Sentiment & Text Analytics Connector

  • The Repustate engine now supports Russian.
  • Breaking Change - with Repustate you must now register for your own API key and use this instead of the built-in one, which is no longer available.

New Helper Connector

This is a new connector in development, which currently has a single Encrypt table. This can be used for encrypting a password before sending to, for example, the General Web Connector.

As always, we would also recommend you read the notes on the "Change Log" tab of any connectors you are using for a comprehensive overview of changes.

Download Latest

Where do I find this new release? If you are a QVSource customer or have requested a trial in the past you should see this new release in the personalised download link we should have sent you via email. If you can't find this, please get in touch.

If you are new to QVSource you can download a fully functional free trial from our website.

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